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Where do i get a wheelchair I requested on my reservation when I arrive at the airport?

lost luggage- what is # to call for help?
If my 15 old is flying out can i ride the shuttle bus with him to terminal B or do you have to have a airline ticket to get on the shuttle bus?
Where do I check in for a Thomas Cook Airlines flight ?
I have another question about flying, once again it’s my first time and I am a teen, so what would I have to bring in order to fly because I was told that I don’t need a passport, that all I need is my student i.d from the school I’m attending, because I am flying from California to Arizona.
Hi I just had a question about bags/luggage, this will be my first time flying on a plane and I heard that they charge for each luggage, is that true if so how much is it ?
I am flying out of SMF, I will be taking the Amtrak train to Sacramento to 401 I Street, 95841: Once I arrive there, what is the distance to SMF, what would you suggest as the best mode of transportation to the airport from there? thank you!
It is 10 miles from SMF. The 428 bus goes directly between them but only goes once every hour, or you can use Uber or Lyft.
Is there a place designated for relieving a service animal at and??
I would like to park a car at SMF short-term parking for a flight out and leave the car key and parking space number for another passenger coming in to SMF to pick up. Can I do that at Baggage Claim? Is there a charge?
No, I've never heard of anywhere that will do that for you. you should get a second key to the car and mail it to the person and then text or email them the parking location once it's parked.