San Diego Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Free Cell Phone Lot - a temporary way-station for picking up passengers at the Airport, thereby avoiding a series of loops past the terminals and around airport roadways, by waiting in a 50-space parking lot. Once contact is made between the driver and incoming passenger, proceed to the terminals for pick-up. Maximum waiting time is 60 minutes. Vehicles must be turned off and attended at all times; flight information displays keep you posted. The Cell Phone Lot has food/drink vending machines; it is self-monitored, its signage is with clear instructions at the entrance and along North Harbor Drive. Open 24/7 with portable restrooms.

Long-Term Parking Options and Fees: 3015 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA  92101 – accessed via Winship Lane. SAN Airport offers travelers several on-airport long-term parking options. Each location has quick and easy access and is conveniently located within close proximity of the airport terminals. All parking lots offer free shuttle service. 

Fees: Each day - $20

Curbside ValetTerminal 1 Curbside Valet: 3665 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 and Terminal 2 Curbside Valet: 3707 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. Leave your car with one of our fully-insured, professional valet staff and walk straight through to check-in. When you return your car will be waiting for you in the Valet Parking area based on the time you gave us on your booking. Your keys and car will be safe and secure.

Fees: Each day - $40

Terminal 1 Parking Lot, 3665 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. Convenient access for passengers flying with the following carriers: Alaska Airlines, Frontier, Southwest Airlines. Park quickly and keep your key. Available for first 24 hours.

Fees: From 30mins to 24hours - From $2.50 to $32.00

    Terminal 2 Parking Plaza, 3835 North Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 92101. 2900 Parking spaces, 16 EV Chargepoints, self-park. Available for first 24 hours

    Fees: From 30mins to 24hours - From $2.50 to $32.00

    Terminal 2 Parking Lot, 2395 McCain Road, San Diego, CA  92101, self-park. Available for first 24 hours

    Fees: From 30mins to 24hours - From $2.50 to $32.00

    Two Payment Options:
    1. The automated Express Parking pay stations outside Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, or
    2. The fully-staffed payment booths at the exit gates of each parking lot.
    Both accept cash and credit cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Diner�s Club). Several ATM machines are located within each terminal.

    Disabled Parking is available at all on-site lots. Well-defined spaces are conveniently located near each Skybridge elevator and all entry points for each terminal.

    For additional information call Parking Information at 619.291.2087.

    San Diego ( SAN ) Airport Parking Map

    San Diego SAN airport parking map

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