San Diego Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up an arriving passenger at San Diego Airport you may want to use the Cell Phone Lot  - open 24/7 and free for up to 1 hr - with 97 spaces, vending machines, flight displays & portable restrooms. It is now located east of the Commuter Terminal, on Harbor Drive, and is acessible via traffic light at Rent-a-Car Access Road, and is open 24/7.   Wait in your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you for pick-up at the curb.

Other parking options at San Diego International Airport:  Each of Terminals 1 & 2 & Commuter terminal have theri own parking lot across from them.  Note that Parking lots outside of Terminal 1 and the Commuter Terminal fill up quickly.  Free shuttle service is available (a) by green bus from/to Long-term lot 1, and (b) by blue bus to/from Economy lot which also serves the Cruise Ship Terminal.

    Valet parking (tel. 619-400.2121) is available at Terminals 1& 2 and at designated locations within the Terminal 1 parking lot - SAN Park Valet signs will guide you. Upon returning, you can text-message 619-888-6675, pick up bags, pay at the valet cashier & your car will be waiting outside.
each day $40 - reserve: $35
    Terminal Lots - serving T1& T2:
first 30 min $2.50; first hr $6  each add'l hr an extra $2, up to 4 hrs $18, 5-7 hrs. $28;  7-24 hrs. $32; thereafter $32/day.
   Long-Term Lot on Harbor Drive (between Cell phone lot & Commuter lot) with 3-5 min. shuttle bus transfer:
each day $20    
   Economy Lot
on Pacific Hwy (entrance at Sassafras St.) with 5-10 mins. shuttle bus transfer is right across from the future Rental Car center:
Fees:  each day $13.
Disabled parking
is located west of Terminal 2, off McCain Road - these lots have wheelchair-accessible free shuttles.

For more parking information call 619-291-2087.

NOTE:  Ongoing construction on the new 3-level Parking Plaza across from Terminal 2 with 3,000 spaces will replace the current surface lot for Terminal 2. Smart-parking tech will enable parkers before leaving to reserve & pay. Completion is scheduled for 2018.
During construction, parking at T2 Lot is available via McCain Road.

San Diego ( SAN ) Airport Parking Map

San Diego SAN airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near San Diego Airport ( SAN )