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San Diego Airport Parking Fees and Options

There are several great options for San Diego Airport parking, from budget to premium. There are 4 main parking areas, one of which is dedicated to long-term parking on Harbor Drive. The parking areas are well-lit and secured 24/7. Each has a dedicated, free shuttle service to and from the terminals. You will find that parking near San Diego Airport is very straightforward and affordable.

San Diego Airport parking rates can vary depending on the lot and duration, so please check for specific rates below.

For even more affordable options, off-site parking is available near the airport. 

Terminal 1 Parking Lot

Location: 3665 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

This lot is just steps from the terminal and check in counters. You don’t need a shuttle if you park here: It’s easy in, easy out! This self-park lot is most convenient for passengers traveling on Alaska Airlines, Frontier, and Southwest Airlines, and for those on a short term trip.

Terminal 1 Fees

Daily Rate: $32

Hourly Rates: Range from $2.50 to $32 (max per day), depending on how long you park. 

Terminal 2 Parking PLAZA

Location: 3835 North Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 92101

This self-park, 2,900 space parking plaza at SAN is perfect if you are departing from this terminal (check with your airline for your departure terminal). It can be easily accessed using a covered walkway to the terminal, and is open 24/7. It has 16 EV charging stations.

Terminal 2 Plaza Fees

Drive-up rate: $32 / Day

Prepaid / Reservation rate: $21 / Day

Hourly Rates: Range from $2.50 to $32 (max per day), depending on how long you park. 

Terminal 2 Parking LOT

Location: 2395 McCain Road, San Diego, CA 92101

Not to be confused with the Terminal 2 Parking PLAZA, this self-park lot is also open 24/7, and is ideal for meeting international passengers.

Terminal 2 Lot Fees

Drive-up rate: $32 / Day

Prepaid / Reservation rate: $21 / Day

Hourly Rates: Range from $2.50 to $32 (max per day), depending on how long you park. 

San Diego Airport Long Term Parking at Harbor Drive

Location: 3015 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 – accessed via Winship Lane.

If you are looking for convenient SAN Airport parking at an affordable price, look no further than the Long Term Lot. You will need to ride one of the dedicated shuttles to and from the lot, but it is a pretty quick ride to any of the terminals. Each of the shuttle stops are covered, but hey, it never rains in San Diego!

Long Term Parking Fees:

Drive-up rate: $20 / Day

Prepaid / Reservation rate: $17 / Day

Free Cell Phone Lot

A temporary way-station for picking up passengers at the Airport, thereby avoiding a series of loops past the terminals and around airport roadways, by waiting in a 50-space parking lot. Once contact is made between the driver and incoming passenger, proceed to the terminals for pick-up. Maximum waiting time is 60 minutes.

Vehicles must be turned off and attended at all times; flight information displays keep you posted. The Cell Phone Lot has food/drink vending machines; it is self-monitored, its signage is with clear instructions at the entrance and along North Harbor Drive. Open 24/7 with portable restrooms.

San Diego Airport Parking Map

San Diego SAN airport parking map

San Diego Airport Parking Q&A

Parking for travelers with disabilities is available in all lots, including wheelchair-accessible free shuttle to the terminals.
Contact Ace Parking at 619.291.2087.
You can take a free shuttle bus - just go to the designated pickup/dropoff areas.
Of course! But parking is not allowed at the curb. You can only be stopped curbside for active loading and unloading only, and stopping times should be short in duration.
You have come to the right place! There are four different lots, and prices vary for each lot and timeframe. Check out the rest of this page for all the details and exact pricing.