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I'm have a flt fr Sg transit in sfo to Toronto.. Just wondering do I need to clear custom and emigration and do I need a US visa? To do the trasit in sfo?
Pls advise, thanks
You will go through US Immigration and Customs in SFO. Whether or not you need a transit visa depends on your citizenship. What is your citizenship?
I'm flying from Nashville BNA to SFO. Then SFO to Incheon ICN. There will be just under three hours to transfer. I have two questions! 1. Is that enough time to transfer?
2. Will we need to get our checked baggage and take them with us and check them in again?

Yes, you have plenty of time. If both flights are on the same reservation then all you have to do in SFO is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Anyone knows airport taxi from sfo airport? I don't need shuttle service.
Found this quickly on google - I'm sure other services will include a child seat if you call ahead as well.
I'm flying to Entebbe, Uganda from San Francesco on the 26th of May. I'm trying desperately to avoid lengthy layovers. Any seasoned flyers to that part of the world with some advice on which airline. Dubai gives me a 13 hour layover. That would be all fine and dandy but the arrival time is 730ishPM and departure at 0430. By the time I get to a hotel, I've got 4 hours. Suggestions, oh weary travelers?

DXB Dubai Int'l AP has 10 'SnoozeCubes in Terminal 1, gate 122 - each with full-sized bed, TV, WiFi- and connection to flight info sytem. It also has the swanky onAirport Dubai Int'l Hotel tel. 04 224 4000. If using Emirates, you would arrive at Terminal 3 (A & B gates) Otherwise you would arrive at T1 with C gates.
I would recommend flying KLM. No layover exceeds 3 hours and total flying time to EBB is 26h 25m (SFO-SEA-AMS-EBB w/technical 1hour stop in KGL). The return is better...only 24h 15m flying time (EBB-AMS-SFO) and one 4 hr layover in AMS. There may be similar flight option going out depending on day of travel.

Personally, I do not like flying through Dubai.
Actually there are great options on KLM.