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HI, I'm flying into SFO from Tokyo and will be landing at 9:30 am, and have a separate ticket directly purchased from Delta, Is it enough time to catch a flight to Detroit at 11:33 am. Please advice the connecting route walk. Many thanks
You will arrive in the International Terminal go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then take your bags to Terminal 1, re-check them with Delta, and go through security. 2 Hours is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Hi, we are going to fly from YVR to OGG and we are europeans with working visa in canada. Is 35minutes for changing planes enough time?Thank you for your answer.
Yes, but it doesn't leave much time for delays. Vancouver has US Immigration and Customs preclearance, so you will clear customs there and your arrival into SFO will be like a domestic flight.
i just bought a united airline ticket for T-giving weekend and the transfer time between planes is listed as 30min; I recall the gates as being clustered but the maps do not indicate which airlines are typically where- is this an impossible transfer time. don't they require boarding before then?
1. United uses Terminal 3. This terminal has boarding gates in Area F with gates 68-90. 2. Look at your ticket to see which gate you arrive at and depart from. 30 minutes should be adequate.