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Early Sunday morning 4/22/18 I arrive via Bolt Bus at 9:45AM in Seattle in the International District. Will hop onto light rail to airport. Catching DL (international flight) departing 1:20PM. Will take any advice to get me to gate A13 in the speediest way possible. Thanks!
That should be enough time.
My wife has a medical condition that requires special help getting thru passport control and customs. I can’t find any accommodation for people with disabilities to pass thru these areas. Can you help me find information that information?
On Friday, Dec 8, -- want to know if there will be any Catholic religious service at the airport on that day. Thanks. Need info earliest.
No, the airport chapel does not have religious services.
Hi Team,

My mother-in-law was travelling from Mumbai to Seattle (Via Amsterdam ), but in Amsterdam she did not get the wheelchair assistance and she was not able to make the next check-in- hence she missed her checked baggage's- now please let me know to trace the checked bags.

Call me if need: 425 598 5510

What is the distance between Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines terminals at SeaTac.
Which terminal does NH0178 depart?
Hope someone can tell me what arrival and departure gates used by Delta at Seattle airport. We only have 50 minutes between connecting flights.

Coming from Minneapolis and then departing for Fairbanks.

Wasn't originally planned but Delta cancelled our original flight from Minneapolis to Fairbanks.
Flying from SEA later this week and trying to figure out if Delta still provides oversized plastic bags for things like car seats or backpacking backpacks. If not Delta, does any other airline? It's been a while since I've flown with the kids seats. Thanks!
How many minutes does the average person take to walk from gate B12 to the baggage claim?
5-10 minutes.
How long will it take an amiture to get from Delta arrives to door 4 to catch a shuttle?
Where are you arriving from?