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Do I need to make a reservation to park in long term parking for 12/24 to 12/30/2020?
Is the Long-Term Parking and the Economy Parking Lot (as seen on website map) the same rates
first week $60; daily rate thereafter $4.

Do I need to prepay for Long term Economy Parking
Do I need a reservation to park outside for 7 days, 3/17/20-3/23/20
What is the cost of parking in the covered long term parking next to short term parking, not in economy long term?
How long of a walk from long term parking to the terminal?
How early do the shuttles start and how late do they run?
So, just confirming, If I'm needing to park for 10 days, it will be $60 for a week (7 days?), then $4/per day, which would be $72?
What is the maximum number of days you can park in short term parking?
I've parked up to a week. You are just paying a higher daily rate.
do you need reservations for nov. log term parking
Do you need to reserve parking spot in November?