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New York Airport Parking Rates & Information

Looking for the perfect parking spot at New York Stewart International Airport (SWF)? We have your answers!

There are 2 main parking areas at the New York Airport:

  • Stewart On-Airport Short-Term Lot
  • Stewart On-Airport Long-Term Lot

The SWF Airport has been recently redesigned to make the passenger’s parking experience more comfortable and easy as well as fast and simple. It offers both the same day / short term and multiple day / long term parking options to all passengers. To make the parking experience contactless, the SWP Airport provides multiple payment options in each lot. For cash payments there are the assigned Parking Pay Station machines at the airport terminal.

New York Airport parking rates can vary depending on the lot and duration, so please check for specific rates below. 


SWF Off-Airport Parking

Save 50% Or More vs. On-Airport Parking
Long-Term Parking - New York Stewart International Airport
Long-Term Parking - New York Stewart International Airport
1180 1st St, New Windsor, NY, 12553
Parking options: N/A
Provides Shuttle Service
Operation 24 Hours 7 days a week
per day
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SWF Airport Parking Map

Newburgh Stewart SWF airport parking map

Short-Term Parking

Location: At the airport, in front of the terminal.

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Walking distance

The short-term parking lot is located right across from the SWF airport terminal. Vehicles that are left unattended in front of the terminal are immediately towed away. Hence it is advisable to use the short-term parking lot for all pick-ups or drop-offs at the airport.

Short-Term Parking Rates

Free 0-15 minutes (first day only)

$3 15-30 minutes

$3 Each additional 1/2hr or part thereof

$35 24-hr maximum

Long-Term Parking

Location: At the airport, in front of the terminal.

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Walking distance

Parking at the SWF Airport for more than 30 days is only permissible at the long-term parking lot. The airport parking office should be contacted at (845) 838-8265 for parking assistance inside this lot.

Long Term Parking Rates

Free 0-15 minutes (first day only)

$12 First 24hrs

$6 Over 24 hrs, each 12-hr period or part thereof

Cell Phone Waiting Area

There is a Cell Phone Lot offered by the SWF airport for picking up passengers without any hassle. The Cell Phone Lot can be found at a distance of less than half a mile from the airport terminal. This Lot provides ease and comfort to all as a waiting area for all arriving flights. This also allows for smooth traffic flow at the airport. You can check real-time Airport Arrivals on your phone while you wait.

Accessible/Handicap Parking

The SWF Airport also provides people with restricted mobility with a convenient option for parking. There are specific parking spaces allotted in both of the parking lots for such passengers. They are required to prominently display an official disabled license plate or any other official permit to be allowed to park in these allotted spots. Any violations to this requirement might result in the towing away of the owner’s car.

There is a special discount offered to all differently-abled passengers. In order to avail this discount, enter from the lanes to the short-term parking lot entrance and request for this discount by pushing the help button before making the payment for your parking space.

Accessible Parking Rates

Free 0-15 minutes (first day only)

$12 First 24hrs

$6 Over 24 hrs, each 12-hr period or part thereof

Newburgh Stewart Airport Parking Q&A

New York Stewart International Airport parking is generally affordable relative to other city-based airports. Please check above for specific prices and details for each parking location.
No. Pre-booking for parking is not available.
All rates shown above include all taxes and fees. All New York Airport parking facilities accept cash and the following credit cards: Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express), Debit Card and Contactless Payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay).
New York Airport provides battery assistance, tire inflation, and assistance with locating your vehicle. Call 239-768-6296 to request any of these services.
Yes. But curbside is for active loading and unloading of passengers. You can wait in the Cell Phone Area until your arriving passenger is at the curb, and check arrivals to SWF.

Find more help here for your journey through the airport