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TPA : Rental car location 4 hr ago Comments: 0

Tampa Airport Ground Transport

I want to eat dinner before I pick up my bags at baggage claim and rent my car. Am I able to do this? If I pick up my bags before I eat, do I have to go back through security to get to a restaurant? Thank you in advance for your response.

TPA : Finding a friend in the airport Mar 14, '19 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport Gate Connections

Flying in to Tampa on Southwest Flight #4746...need to meet up with another what gate will our flight arrive?

TPA : Red side to Blue side Mar 12, '19 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport General Topics

If you are dropped off for a departing flight on the blue side, can you get to the red side from the ticketing area?

TPA : Able to go to airside F to eat if leaving from airside E (Delta) Feb 22, '19 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport Food, Shops, Services

I am leaving from Delta (airside E) Can I go to airside F for a restaurant meal and then go back to main terminal to go to (airside E) for my flight from Delta? Thanks in advance for your answer.

TPA : Baggage loss .claim # MCO92698M Feb 07, '19 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport Traveler Help

Baggage claim MCO 92698M loss. I was told that it had arrived tody at 12:30 P.M. it has not arrived at our home and it is after 6:30 P. M.

TPA : tpa to venice Feb 05, '19 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport Ground Transport

Whatis the best way to transport from TPA to Venice without renting a car?

TPA : TSA delays with government shutdown. Jan 08, '19 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport General Topics

Since president Trump has shutdown the government, and there is no end in sight to his little tantrum, what is the expected effect for flights this weekend? Friday will be the first day TSA agents, air traffic controllers and other federal employees will miss a paycheck. I have an international flight planned opn Saturday, returning in a week. What are the odds that my travel will be delayed by a walkout, strike or "sick-out"?

TPA : Driving to rental car center Jan 01, '19 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport Ground Transport

Can I drive to the rental car center to pickup a rental?

TPA : connection Termain C to Termainal A Dec 26, '18 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport Gate Connections

arriving Terminal C Southwest 9:00am retrieve a bag is there enough time to get to Terminal A United airlines flight 12:20pm check bag; go through security and borard

TPA : Carnival Cruises Dec 04, '18 Comments: 0

Tampa Airport Gate Connections

We are being picked up from Tampa Airport by Carnival Cruises any idea which departure point this would be