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TPA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What color pick up area does American Airlines flights from Dallas use
I will be arriving on 10/29/19 on Southwest airlines. Air side C how do I get to the pick up area? I will not be going to baggage pick up area.

Do you have to go through security again in connecting from A to F gates?
I've never been to this airport before. I need to know where is the American Airlines counter and where does the plane leave from Airside F? Which gate?
I am boarding on Frontier from TPA at E75 terminal E. Please, which do I select on the map, blue or red area? Possibly a key on email booking confirmation can be used as a guide next time. Thank you.
What terminal does Frontier use?
We are arriving via southwest terminal c picking up language and going to terminal F. What is the process.
After you pickup your luggage can you return to the main terminal to meet someone flying in on a different airline and different gate
Flying in to Tampa on Southwest Flight #4746...need to meet up with another traveler..at what gate will our flight arrive?
arriving Terminal C Southwest 9:00am retrieve a bag is there enough time to get to Terminal A United airlines flight 12:20pm check bag; go through security and borard