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TPA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What terminal does Frontier use?
We are arriving via southwest terminal c picking up language and going to terminal F. What is the process.
After you pickup your luggage can you return to the main terminal to meet someone flying in on a different airline and different gate
Flying in to Tampa on Southwest Flight #4746...need to meet up with another traveler..at what gate will our flight arrive?
arriving Terminal C Southwest 9:00am retrieve a bag is there enough time to get to Terminal A United airlines flight 12:20pm check bag; go through security and borard
We are being picked up from Tampa Airport by Carnival Cruises any idea which departure point this would be
We fly into terminal E on Delta, and then have a second flight from terminal A (2 hrs and 20 mins later). We will need to pick up checked baggage from E and check in again in A - flights were booked separately. Can we walk, and will we have enough time? Any advice is much appreciated!
E and A are "airsides" not terminals. TPA only has one terminal. You will ride the train to the terminal building, claim your bags from Delta, take them up to the check in counter for your second airline, check your bags, then take the train out to airside A and go through security. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you so much!
I need to be dropped off at terminal A for a United flight and my sister arrives at the same time at terminal c. Where is a good spot for my mom to wait to meet my sister- she isn't comfortable drivibg around the airport.
Tampa only has one terminal with two landside curbfronts (Blue and Red). Airside A and C have nothing to do with the landside check in/baggage claim areas. Tampa has a large cell-phone lot along the entrance road on the way to the Terminal.
Departing Tampa and wish to spend last evening close to airport
There are a number of hotels near the airport, most of which are good and have shuttles.
I am flying in from Arizona and have 2 hours to catch my flight to Washington, DC. Do I have enough time to make my flight?