NRT Airport - Tokyo Narita Airport ( Narita-Shi , Japan )


Tokyo Narita International Airport NRT is Japan's largest Airport, serving the greater Tokyo Area with mainly international flights (while Tokyo Haneda Airport serves mainly domestic flights). It is continuing to be gateway to Japan and is acting as core to the Country's recovery process. The Airport is operating normally and a radiation monitoring device provides twice a day readings.

NRT Airport is located in the city of Narita (with a part of it extending into the town of Shibayama) - within the Chiba Prefecture - 7 km southeast of Narita Station and 58 km east of Tokyo Station.
The Narita new Sky Access route via the Skyliner (at 160 km/hr) - departing at Airport Terminal 2 Station -will get you into central Tokyo's Nippori Station within 36 minutes! Three major highways offer access to the Airport; including a new expressway (North Chiba Road) along the Narita Rapid Railway corridor.

With 39.1 million passengers in 2016, and two long runways, Narita International Airport serves as the main international hub for Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways ANA, and it is also a hub for Delta Airlines. Its numerous airlines offer  connecting points between Asia and the Americas.
As some code-share flights (evidenced by more than one flight numbers) may operate at different terminals - do check on day of arrival or departure as to the proper Terminal and Wing.

 - As of Oct. 17, 2017, Delta is offering daily flights to/from Detroit.
 - Overnight passengers:   Passengers needing to stay overnight for their connecting flight may use T2's north waiting area with 435 seats -  beyond it are areas for battery recharge- and children's play areas and food vending machines. The shuttle bus runs between T2 & T3 - a 450 meter distance; ask the bus driver to stop nearest the North waiting area.
 - Airport staff with foreign language skills wear appropriate badges.
Fast Track Lane immigration services for inbound VIP passengers, includes those attending conferences: 4 dedicated immigration lanes are in each of T1/T2.
 - For passport control procedures contact Immigration Office at +81 (0)476-34-2222
 - For duty-free limits, restrictions & Customs questions contact the Narita Customs Branch at at +81 (0)476-34-2128 /29.  'Downtopwn Duty-free' purchased items can be claimed at the new pick-up counter in the post-security area of each of T1, T2  T3.
 - Lithium batteries need to be put into passenger's carry-on bag. However, battteries with more than 160Wh do not go into carry-on bags, and cannot be taken onto an aircraft.
 - Liquids, including alcohol and items exceeding 100ml are available in the duty-free shops, packaged in tamper-save bags (STEBs).
 - Self-service baggage drop machines are now available in the check-in area.
 - Direct services to tourist attractions is now available via Express Bus.

Narita International Airport now has three passenger terminals - T1 & T2 and new LCC (low-cost-carrier) T3.   For Terminal details at this site open ‘Terminal Map’ and scroll down to the text;  for ground transportation open ‘Ground Transportation: /Buses & Trains.

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Phone: +81 (0)476 34 8000