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Lost & Found

If you lost an item at the airline counter, at the gate area or onboard your airplane, or if your bag has been damaged or is missing - contact your airline directly.

If you lost an item inside the terminals,  contact either one of the following:

1. The Information Center - at   Terminal 1, tel. +81(0)476-32-2105; at   Terminal 2, tel. +81(0)476-34-5220.
2. The Accounting Division of Narita Airport Police - tel. +81(0)476-32-0110
3. The Narita Customs Lost Property Office - at   Terminal 1 - tel. +81(0)476-32-6049; at   Terminal 2 - tel. +81(0)476-34-2157
4. The Narita International Airport Information - tel.  +81(0)476-34-8000 (open 24 hrs, 365 days a year).

Mail Center


The hotel is located on the basement 1st floor of the Terminal 2 Multistory Car Park building with direct access to Terminal 2.
In addition to taking care of pets while passengers are on overseas trips, the hotel also features an adjoining veterinarian clinic and clipping salon.
Passengers departing from Terminal 1 are also welcome.   Terminal 2 Name Location Hours Inquiries Pet Inn ROYAL,
Narita Airport B1F,
North Wing, Multistory
Car Park No. 2 Hotel staff are on duty 24 hours a day.

*Telephone reservation hours
6:00 - 23:00 Tele
phone: +81(0)120-223-011
+81(0)476-34-6800 Fax: +81(0)476-34-6767

(By Car) Park in the basement 1st floor of the North Wing of the Terminal 2 Multistory Car Park. The pet hotel can be accessed directly from the 1st floor basement in the north wing of the car park. Please check the Road Maps & Parking section for further access and car parking information. (By Rail) Alight at the Airport Terminal 2 Station. Turn right after the security checkpoint and follow the Pet Hotel signs. For further details on rail access, please check the Rail section. Passengers wishing to go to Terminal 1 after checking their pets in at the hotel can use the free terminal shuttle bus.


Smoking at Narita Airport is prohibited both inside and outside the passenger terminals to eliminate the possible effects of "secondhand smoke" except in designated somking areas.
However, there are 14 smoking areas at terminal 1 and 19 areas at terminal 2. Please click on the links below to find where to smoke .
We kindly ask not to smoke except in these designated areas. Thank you for your cooperation.
Click on the desired Location to display a map of that area.
    Terminal 1 Location 5th Floor 4th Floor 3rd Floor 2nd Floor 1st Floor Terminal 2 Location Main Bldg., 4th Floor Main Bldg., 3rd Floor Main Bldg., 2nd Floor Main Bldg., 1st Floor Satellite ., 3rdFloor

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