TTN Airport - Trenton Mercer Airport ( West Trenton , NJ )


Trenton Mercer Airport TTN  is serving New Jersey's Capital City of Trenton and its Mercer County.
The Airport is located north of Trenton and close to Interstate Hwy 95 (Exit 2).
The aviation units of numerous Fortune 500 companies, a corporate terminal and repair base, the U.S. Customs Service, the New Jersey State Police, the New Jersey National Guard, and the U.S. Marines are also located at the airport.

With two runways, Trenton Mercer Airport has in the past few years been mainly used for general aviation with low-cost Frontier Airlines being the sole commercial airline with limited flights and only 10k passengers yearlyHowever, Mercer County Airport is making a big comeback as a commercial airport:

Low-fare Frontier Airlines made Trenton-Mercer Airport its commercial base on the East Coast, as this densely-populated area accounts for over 21 million people - located closer in drive time to Trenton than to any other commercial airport. 

 - The TSA Security  Checkpoint
is open 4am-8am and 11am-6:30pm (nonadjustable times!).  The Airport strongly recommends arrival at two hours prior to scheduled flights. Late-comers will find the checkpoint closed (even if the plane is being delayed)

 - The County Administration in Feb. 2017 gave Mercer Airport a 'very positive outlook' and disclosed additional growth to be expected in the future:  Frontier airlines alone served 375,000 passengers, which number it expects to raise by year-end 2017 to 875,000. It now uses larger aircraft. Consequently, it was decided to built a new and larger Terminal (see below).

The passenger terminal at Trenton-Mercer Airport
received a total overhaul recently - earning high marks from passengers upon reopening.  It offers the Sky Lounge Restaurant (upstairs). Arriving passengers, after retrieval of baggage, may pass by at the rental car agencies before exiting the terminal. Both security check , check-in facilities and access to gates are on the main level.  Note that to get to your plane, you need to use a graduated ramp outdoors; also note that post-security areas do not have food, drink, or restrooms.

Current Airlines serving Trenton-Mercer Airport: (Curbside passenger check-in is available to Frontier passengers.)
 - Frontier (tel. 901-401-9000) currently offers flights to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Daytona, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte & Atlanta. In 2018 Frontier is to add flights to Minneapolis MSP.
 - Allegiant (tel. 702-505-88888) currently offers flights to Orlando/Sanford, (but recently dropped 'indefinitely' Punta Gorda and Tampa/St. Pete). 

 Aside from renting a car, taking a taxi or a limo, no public transportation is available from the Airport.  A taxi or limo will take you to the Trenton Train Station, where you can choose from two train connections: 
-  the train to New York City by the New Jersey Transit system (tel. 973-275-5555 or visit
- SEPTA to Philadelphia city center (tel. 215-580-7800 or visit:
 short-term parking: each hour $2, up to four hours;  long-term parking: $8 each day.

Present and future Airport developments:  Mercer Airport intends to expand considerably the current terminal, so as to enabling it to have much-needed upgrades & equipment installed in order to meet current needs and standards.  The $50M project had received favorable response from Mercer County officials, which will 'expedite the planning process and move aggressively' to design & construction of the new terminal, which should be completed within four years (2021). 

1100 Terminal Circle Drive
West Trenton, NJ 08628
Phone: (609) 882 1601 /fax 771-0732