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Vancouver Airport YVR

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Banking/ATM Services at Vancouver YVR Airport

Royal Bank of Canada - tel. 604.665.8708 - is a full-service branch at YVR Airport, located in the Domestic Terminal, pre-security, level 3 (no weekend /holiday service)

ATM cash machines are available in both terminals.

Currency Exchange at Vancouver YVR Airport

ICE Currency Service at YVR Airport is available at both Domestic & International Terminals.  Other services of ICE include travelers checks, travel insurane, calling cards and even fax the copy services.
Western Union service is available at US Departures, pre-security, and at Domestic South by gate A. Location and telephone numbers:

At Domestic Terminal:
Level 3 South, pre-security - tel. 604.656.1709
Level 3 North, pre-security - tel. 604.656.1708
Link Atrium, post-security - tel. 604.656.1714

At International Terminal:

Level 3, pre-security - tel. 604.656.1704 /5; and a second one - tel. 604.656.1702
Level 2, pre-security - tel. 604.656-1714;  post-security, Arrivals, Baggage Hall - tel. 604.244.7528
Gate D53, post-security - tel. 604.656.1707

At U.S.A. Terminal:
Level 3, pre-security - tel. 604.656.1701
Gate E86, post-security - tel. 604.656.1716
Past Security & US Security Screening - tel. 604.303-6220