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Banking/ATM Services at Vancouver YVR Airport

Royal Bank of Canada - tel. 604.665.8708 - is a full-service branch at YVR Airport, located in the Domestic Terminal, pre-security, level 3 (no weekend /holiday service)

ATM cash machines are available in both terminals.

Currency Exchange at Vancouver YVR Airport

ICE Currency Service at YVR Airport is available at both Domestic & International Terminals.  Other services of ICE include travelers checks, travel insurane, calling cards and even fax the copy services.
Western Union service is available at US Departures, pre-security, and at Domestic South by gate A. Location and telephone numbers:

At Domestic Terminal:
Level 3 South, pre-security - tel. 604.656.1709
Level 3 North, pre-security - tel. 604.656.1708
Link Atrium, post-security - tel. 604.656.1714

At International Terminal:

Level 3, pre-security - tel. 604.656.1704 /5; and a second one - tel. 604.656.1702
Level 2, pre-security - tel. 604.656-1714;  post-security, Arrivals, Baggage Hall - tel. 604.244.7528
Gate D53, post-security - tel. 604.656.1707

At U.S.A. Terminal:
Level 3, pre-security - tel. 604.656.1701
Gate E86, post-security - tel. 604.656.1716
Past Security & US Security Screening - tel. 604.303-6220

Air Traveler Resources

As your hub for information about Vancouver Airport, iFly.com can help you get to, through, and between any airport in the world. Here are a few popular topics which can help you get through YVR stress-free:

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  • Should an emergency arise, the airport is equipped to meet the needs of those with special requirements and offer medical care for minor medical issues.
  • For those passengers wishing to find a prayer facility, check for location and hours here.
  • If you have some time before your flight's departure, be sure to browse the food and cafe scene, or peruse the shops located throughout the terminals.
  • Once you have gone through the security checkpoint, you can utilize the interactive airport maps to locate your gate, as well as the various eateries and stores that are accessible along your journey.
  • If you have some time to spare before your flight takes off, try out these ideas for a layover.