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YVR : US customs Feb 10, '19 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Gate Connections

I am flying from Kelowna to YVR on Air Canada and then on to Palm Springs on Tuesday. I will have one checked bag. Do I need to claim my bag in Vancouver before I go through customs?

YVR : connection flight from Vancouver to Calgary Jan 26, '19 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Gate Connections

I will be coming from Manila via HongKong to Vancouver by cathay airlines (international flight). Then I have a connecting flight by WestStar from Vancouver to Calgary (domestic flight??).
Question 1. Do I have to do customs at the Vancouver airport and take our luggage out, and check in again for the West Star flight to Calgary ?

Question 2. How much time do I need at the Vancouver airport to do customs and check in to westStar flight ?

YVR : YYC to YVR to KOA luggage collection Jan 23, '19 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Gate Connections

We are flying via WestJet from YYC to KOA. We connect in YVR. Do we collect our bags and then check them in before going through Customs or are they checked all they way to Hawaii. Also, coming back KOA to YYC with connections in YVR. Do we grab our bags and re check in before boarding our connector from YVR to YYC

YVR : Going through customs Nov 12, '18 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Gate Connections

I will be flying into Vancouver from Amsterdam and then proceeding to Maui Hawaii. Will I have to collect my bags and recheck them as we do in the US?


YVR : Victoria, BC? Oct 01, '18 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Ground Transport

Is there a recommended ground transport from Vancouver Int. Airport, BC to locations in Victoria, BC?

YVR : Does the Vancouver airport (YVR) accept US currency? Sep 10, '18 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Food, Shops, Services

Does the Vancouver airport (YVR) accept US currency? We will be taking a cruise to Alaska and they will drop us off at Vancouver and take us straight to the airport. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to visit the area so we’ll just be waiting at the airport so just trying to figure out if the airport accepts US currency for us to grab lunch before our flight. Thank you!

YVR : lost and found Aug 28, '18 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport General Topics

I believe I may have dropped my cell phone, just ouside the airport when I arrived yesterday at 5:00 am when I was dropped by a Blaack Top taxi. It was a samsung mobile phone with a blue cae.

YVR : minimum connecting time Jun 04, '18 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Gate Connections

Hi there, travelling with air new zealand with a stop over in YVR from Auckland to Amsterdam, what would the minimum connecting time be? thanks for your reply

YVR : 20 HR .LAYOVER Apr 16, '18 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Layover Ideas

Is there a sleeping lounge in the airport that can be booked ahead of time?

YVR : Domestic Terminal Apr 05, '18 Comments: 0

Vancouver Airport Traveler Help

Have to meet at Starbucks level 3 Domestic Terminal (before Security). Your maps don’t seem to show the Terminals by name. Which branch of the airport is Domestic?