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Have to meet at Starbucks level 3 Domestic Terminal (before Security). Your maps don’t seem to show the Terminals by name. Which branch of the airport is Domestic?
Where is terminal M?
I lost my northface jacket at the security immigration how can I get it back?
I am flying from YYZ to Lihue via YVR and have a 4 hour layover. Can I leave the airport for an hour or two and return to clear customs, or do I have to stay in the secure area until my flight departs.
I'm looking for a wonderful person who happens to be flying to Paris from Vancouver, to fly with my small dog, for a little bit of money toward the cost of their flight.
I need to know what to do with a Gecco that I found in my luggage today after coming back from Mexico on Sunday and any possible health threats it might have. Looking for a telephone number to speak to someone. ????
I am flying from Alaska to Vancover on a AC flight with a connecting flight with WJ to Toronto. How much time do I need to clear customs and change airlines. 2hrs ok.
I am travelling from YEG to Maui at Christmas with a connection flight in YVR. Is 1.5 hrs. enough time to clear US customs? Will I have to pick up my checked bags before going through customs?
Hi, my family and I are going from Victoria to Palm Springs through Vancouver. Most of the least expensive fares only have a 1.5 hour layover in Vancouver. I am concerned that this may not be nearly enough time to, get to the US departures area, get our baggage, get through customs, get through immigration, and get our new boarding passes. Seems like 2 hours would be a minimum. What insights/advice can you provide.
That is enough time.
Thank you, but do you mean 1.5 hours is enough or 2 hours?
1.5 should be enough.
Do we have to go through a different security when we go to Cuba in march 2018? Plan is to go west jet flight from Vancouver ,Toronto then Cuba
There is no special security for international flights, also, your first flight is domestic anyway.