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Due to a health condition, I have found the following bottled water to have the best pH level for me. I purchased it in the Frankfurt airport. If it is available at the Vancouver airport, let me know. Or if someone is willing to transport for$ from Frankfurt to SeaTac airport, contact me.
Iam flying into Vancouver from New Zealand, transit same day to Winnipeg. Do I have to collect my luggage at airport through customs. Thanks
I am meeting a friend from another city other than mine, I need to know what terminal Delta airline uses arriving from the US
Have to meet at Starbucks level 3 Domestic Terminal (before Security). Your maps don’t seem to show the Terminals by name. Which branch of the airport is Domestic?
Where is terminal M?
I lost my northface jacket at the security immigration how can I get it back?
I am flying from YYZ to Lihue via YVR and have a 4 hour layover. Can I leave the airport for an hour or two and return to clear customs, or do I have to stay in the secure area until my flight departs.
I'm looking for a wonderful person who happens to be flying to Paris from Vancouver, to fly with my small dog, for a little bit of money toward the cost of their flight.
I need to know what to do with a Gecco that I found in my luggage today after coming back from Mexico on Sunday and any possible health threats it might have. Looking for a telephone number to speak to someone. ????
I am flying from Alaska to Vancover on a AC flight with a connecting flight with WJ to Toronto. How much time do I need to clear customs and change airlines. 2hrs ok.