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Terminal Layout; US Arrivals/ Departures; Getting Around,  and Terminal Details:

The passenger terminal complex at Vancouver Airport includes 3 passenger terminals: International & Domestic Terminals and  the South Terminal
used for small carriers  & accessible via shuttles. Domestic & International terminals are connected on level 2 at their unsecured areas, housing (from east to west): Fairmont Hotel, US check-in; US & International Arrivals, International check-in (in center), & walkway to Canada Line, and Canada check-in.

U.S. Arrivals/ Departures:

- nternational & U.S. Arrivals (on level 2) need to go through Canada's customs & immigration process - (passport check, pick up bags, go through customs clearance; if continuing journey, proceed to your connecting terminal/ gate. 
- Departing passengers to the United States
will be able to go through U.S. Preclearance, saving time on arrival at the U.S.; however, eligible passengers departing Vancouver Airport for the U.S. are now able to use BorderXPress APC kiosks - which reduce US Customs inspection by 89 percent, & passenger wait time is cut in half.   NOTE: It is recommended to arrive at least 3 hours before scheduled flight, particularly for flights departing 4-9am & 3-5pm and Holidays & Spring Break. Proceed to the US departures area.

Getting around: 

- Signs to gates are clearly marked:
Domestic A, B & C gates: marked with Canadian flag;  International D gates: marked with blue globe or American Flag.
   For flights to the US,
follow international sign, then US connections sign (yellow circle, person & US flag), leading to E gates.
- Transfer from South Terminal to either the International or Domestic terminals: Board the shuttle inside the South Terminal, near the baggage carousel. If you need to transfer from the International or Domestic Terminals to the South Terminal, go to the second level. 
- From Vancouver to Domestic /International terminals: take the Canada Line, an elevated people mover, to the ‘Canada Line Station’, located across from the parking garage, with walkways to US & International and Domestic departures on Level 2.
- From Vancouver to the float plane facility or South Terminal: take the Canada Line from Vancouver to the Bridgeport Station & transfer to the C-92 bus which stops in front of both facilities.
- The Train to the City can be accessed from level 4 of the International Terminal.
- Passenger Pickup:  After International /U.S. arrivals procedures, passenger will enter the International Reception Lounge - there, follow exit sign & proceed through the glass door to International Arrivals area on level 2, where your party will await you.

NOTE: A new SkyTeam lounge under construction is to offer luxury for First, Business and Elite Plus members who use one of SkyTeam Alliance's 9 airlines. Details are to be announced some time after August 2017. 

The Domestic Terminal with A, B & C gates and four levels was recently renovated. By Feb. 2017 four more retail stores were added at post-security. 
   Level 1 is the Airport  Service Plaza,
   Level 2 is the Arrivals level and houses baggage carousels 1-6,
   Level 3 is the departure level - divided ino International check-in in the center, USA check-in at east end and Canada check-in at west end.
     The Canada check-in area leads at right to security check and C gates 29-52; and at left to A gates 1-12 and B gates 11-28 (the new A/B connector offers increased gate capacity, expedited baggage system, & new dining & shopping venues.
    Level 4 houses the public observation area.

The International Terminal with D gates 48-78  and E gates 67-99 houses a US Preclearance Annex for US-bound flights. Shops, restaurants & services are available at pre- & post-security areas of all four levels.  Canadian passengers use A & B gates.   The new 'Lift Bar & Grill' restaurant - centrally located, is surrounding the acquarium.
    Level 1 is the Service Plaza  offering restaurants, shops & services.
    Level 2 on street level is for check-in & for international  & US arrivals. It is divided into: (a) left:  international check-in - at left, and (b) right: USA check-in and the Fairmont Hotel.  Both sides offer information counters & banking facilities, & have separate security check areas.  The food court in the center serves both sides.  While international departure passengers (other than those heading for the U.S) can proceed after security check to their gates, US-bound travelers - after security check, will go through US Customs & Border Protection services before proceeding their gates. Duty-free &  large World Duty Free shopping areas are both available at post-security.
    Level 3, the Departure level, is divided between Domestic departures (Canadians currently at gates 1 - 47), US Departures (currently at gates 70-96) & all other international departures (currently at  gates 48-81): 
        International check-in area leads to security check and to international gates.
        USA check-in area leads to security check and on to US gates. 
    Level 4 leads to the elevated train station to the City.
NOTE:  A new 240,000 sq.foot shopping center with worldwide brand names opened in July 2015.

The South Terminal, and the public Seaplane Facility on Fraser River, are located on Airport South (a regional hub for small aircraft float planes, helicopters, and corporate charters). Airlines serving on a regular schedule are KD Air, Orca Airways, Pacific Coastal, and Island Express. Shuttles run between the South Terminal , the International Terminal at Arrivals Level 2, Busbay 1; and the Domestic Terminal at Arrivals Level 2, exit door F.

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