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VIE Gate Connections DISCUSSION

40 min gap between arriving from Zurich and departure from Vienna to Odessa (OS619). Where the arriving gate for flight from Zurich ( OS568).
From Venice to Vienna connecting to Chicago USA. I only have carryon luggage. Do I have go thru customs? Do I arrive and depart from the same terminal? How long will it take to make my connection? Austrian airlines sept 18 flights 528 to 65. Thank You
45 min gap between arriving from Kiev and departure from Vienna to Sofia (OS797). Where the arriving gate for flight from Kiev OS662.

I'm planning a trip from Brussels to Dubrovnik connecting in Vienna. Both flights are on Austrian.

Do I need to go through security/passport control at Vienna ?

Is 45 minutes enough for the connection?

Which terminal do international flights arrive and depart from? Which terminals do local flights use?
22 april flying from Odessa to Amsterdam, stop in Vienna 30 minutes, is this real or impossible?
Flying on a Saturday morning from Germany with a connecting flight at VIE to EWR in Newark. I only have 1 hour to switch airplanes at VIE. I'm trying to find out if this is sufficient time especially with two young kids in tow.
Do I need to go through security again to enter my EWR (Newark) flight?
Flying from iAd to ams then vie. We will be in vie in March. What is procedure for customs?