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How do I get from arrival SWA to Royal Air Maroc?
Is 1 hour and 6 minutes enough time to get from United coming from New Orleans to SAS heading to Copenhagen?
Yes, you just have to go from your arrival gate in C/D to your departure gate in B.
Canadian arriving from Montreal (I assume US customs will be cleared in YUL)
transit to IAD, arrival at 1147am and leaving IAD at 1234pm (47 minutes between).
Both flights are United, unique reservation.
Will I make it?
Will my baggage make it?
We are US citizens flying from Montreal and connecting to LAX. We have 57 minutes in Dulles. enough time?
I’m picking up a couple, us citizens, coming in on a direct flight from Munich on Sunday , how long should I give them to clear customs
on Wed I arrive on a United flight and 1hr 38min later depart on Swiss Air - enough time ?
Most airports have secondary walkways so you don't have to take tram. Does Dulles have walkway from C to A if travel or chooses to walk?
No, there is no walkway. You have to take the Mobile Lounge or Aerotrain.
I arrive on Saturday 0840 am on Emirates with checked luggage and leave on American Airlines 1050 am on a separate ticket. I have Global Entry. Is this enough time to make my connection?
That will be very difficult, even if everything goes perfectly.
Arrival time is 6:20pm on Icelandair. Trying to connect to American Airlines on a 7:50pm flight. We have Global Entry. Is that enough time to go through immigration/customs, retrieve luggage, and check in for American flight?
Typically, it should be enough time. That said, Global Entry has recently had to go through pretty much the same immigration control screening process as non-Global Entry (at least at Dulles). Last time I came through, it took about 20 minutes to get through immigration vs. 5 minutes previously. I was fortunate as I was halfway positioned in the line when it formed. Others behind me would have likely waited about 40 minutes to get through. If you have to fully check in, including checking in your bags for the American flight, then you might have to go through Security again (hopefully, others more knowledgeable than I am can clarify this). TSA Pre-check can take as short as 10 minutes or as long as 30 depending on how busy it is. It should be enough time, although it might be tight as the doors close prior to the posted departure time.
Do you have assistance and/or mobile carts for disabled travelers?
How/where would the traveler obtain this assistance?
You need to contact your airline and request wheelchair assistance.