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I am flying from Orlando to Beijing and have only 90 minutes to connect to new plane. Is this enough time?
Yes, that is enough time if both flights are on United. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Air France arrives from Paris to Dulles 15:50, we have a connection to Seattle with Alaska Airlines, departure 17:20, so thats leaves us 90minutes to immigration, customs etc. We also have luggage. Is 90 minutes enough time to catch our connecting flight?
On two separate reservations that's not realistically enough time. Even on one reservation that will be very difficult.
Indian citizen, arriving IAD from BLR via FRA at 3:05 PM on 20 Aug, have onward connection to RDU at 5:24 PM. Is 2:19 hrs enough time to clear immigration/customs, pick up luggage, move to concourse D from Z and check in again? If I can't make it in time, then what happens?
Hi, our return flight leaves from orlando to london with a stop at washington dulles. Do we have to claim baggage when we arrive at washington ? Also we have a 50 minute time frame from landing in washington to departing to london. Is this doable ? Thanks
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do in Dulles on your way to London is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. you have enough time.
I am Picking up my son who is arriving at Dulles at 8:15 pm as an unaccompanied minor from Cancun. Since he has to pass customs first I don't know when I should be at the airport. Do you think I should be there When the plane lands? Or assume there will be a long customs delay?
Go to the airline's check in desk and they will tell you where to go.
Hello, my mom is coming visit from Brazil and she doesn't speak English. I made her a letter in English that I hope will help her to pass through customs and find her connecting flight gate. She has a little more than 6hs lay-over in IAD before fly to MDT. So I think it will be enough time.
My questions are:

1) Is there any language assistance (Portuguese) through customs and in the information Kiosks

2) I assume my mom will need to pick up her bags and check them in again (the connecting flights is booked in the same ticket and same company)??

3) If she needs to check-in bags again, where is it located? Is it nearby the baggage claim conveyor or will she need to walk around with the bag and check-in in a United Airlines desk?

Appreciate your help!
What is the fastest way to get from the Z terminal to the C terminal
Z and C are just concourses. Take the Aerotrain.

I am arriving from Frankfurt to IAD at 3:55pm. The program I am flying with booked me a connecting flight back to Boston via United that leaves at 10:20pm. However, I found a much earlier flight from IAD. It is Jet Blue and it leaves at 6:52pm. If I book the Jet Blue flight on my own as a separate one-way reservation, will it be possible to make it including customs and checked bags? Will I have to check-in to Jet Blue and redo my checked bags once I clear customs because I am booking it separately?

The flight is very cheap and getting home 5 hours earlier would be incredible but I wondered if the separate reservation makes the transfer too complicated and time-consuming.

Your bags will be tagged through to Boston on the United flight and you will be stuck in an immigration hall that does not exit to the outside. You won't be able to take that Jetblue flight if you want to travel with a checked bag.
Do you think I could make it without a checked bag?
Hi there, I will be on a ANA flight from Narita Airport with ETA of 1040 at Dulles Airport, and catching a United flight to Raleigh-Durham Airport with ETD of 1250. Total layover time of around 2hr 10min. I am not a US citizen and I have checked-in luggages. Will there be enough time to clear customs, take my luggages, and check in for my domestic flight?
I will be arriving from FRA and have a separate ticket for a domestic flight. Can I check my baggage for the domestic flight in or near the international arrivals building or do I need to go upstairs to the departure level at IAD to recheck the baggage? I will have already checked in for the domestic flight before leaving FRA and will have a boarding pass for that flight.