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I am flying Vienna to Washington Dulles through Zurich. Swiss air flight lands in Zurich at 11:05, United flight (same reservation) takes off at 11:55. Is this possible to make?
I am travelling from Toronto to Hamburg via Zurich. Where will I be doing passport control?
You will go through Schengen Entry Passport Control in Zurich.
I will travel from Copenhagen to Shanghai this month. And will change plane at Zurich airport. But there is only 90 mins between two flights. Is it enough to go through the security control and customers within 90 mins?
Thanks in advantage.
You won't have to go through security. Just Schengen Exit Passport Control and to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Hello, I am travelling to Boston from Greece through Zurich, with one hour layover (ticket booked through Lufthansa, both flights to and from Zurich operated by swissair) is this enough time????
Yes, that should be enough time.
Our SFO-ZRH lands at 4pm, and our ZRH-MAD departs at 4:40pm. Dicey?
Yes, that is fairly risky but not impossible.
We are travelling from the UK to Montreal via Zurich on Swiss International, the flights are booked straight through, will we have to go through passport control or security during the transfer, we will have about 1hr 20 mins transfer time I think from terminal 2 to the E concorse
Since you are not entering the Schengen Area you don't go through passport control in Zurich. You have enough time.
I am scheduled to land in Zurich on a flight from Chicago at 6:20 with a connecting flight to Vienna at 7:10. Is that enough time to transfer?
If both flights are on the same reservation that is just enough time.
Hi, I'm planning a flight from Brussels to Nice connecting in ZRH. All flights operated by Swiss.

Connection time in Zurich is 40 minutes. Will it be enough time ?

What are the terminals for this quick connection.
Zurich really only has one terminal. What they call "terminals" are really just concourses. Just follow signs to your departure gate.
We are flying from Zurich to Bari on a Swiss flight (operated by Helvetic) that departs ZRH at 12:05 pm. We will be coming to the airport that morning by train from Luzern. We will have bags to check. Will we have enough time to check in and clear security if we arrive at the ZRH train station at 10:13 am, or should we take an earlier train? Thanks!
Considering the flight to Bari is within Schengen, a 10:13 train arrival should be no problem.
Thank you!