Internet Access at Zurich ZRH Airport

Zurich Airport offers passengers and visitors the opportunity to use the Internet free of charge at the airport for 2 hours. After the free 2 hours, additional internet credit may be purchased.   Free WiFi at the airport The free internet credit will refresh automatically after five hours. 
The 120 free minutes – uninterrupted – apply as of the first login.
A WiFi-compatible notebook, smartphone, tablet or other WiFi-compatible 
device is needed for the free access. Users can log on via text message. How to log on Select the ZurichAirport WLAN network  Launch the browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, …) on the device  A connection to the login page is created automatically Select „Register“ After registering, a code will be sent via text message Enter the code in the registration interface and click „Login“ 
(the code will be saved for twelve months) No mobile phone or problems with text message reception? For an access code you can use boarding pass scanners at the following locations: Service Center (Airport Center, Level 1) Information (Airside Center, Level 1) Airside Center, Level 1 beim Transit Hotel Switzerlandinfo, Arrival 2 Gates E, Level 2 next to Starbucks Gates E, Level 2 next to Alpenblick Bar Gates A, opposite to Starbucks (A63) Purchase additional internet credit After the free 2 hours, additional internet credit may be purchased with a credit card