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Cayman Airways History

Cayman Airways is the national flag carrier of the Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea. Founded in 1968, the airline has a rich history of providing reliable and efficient air transportation services to both domestic and international destinations.

The origins of Cayman Airways can be traced back to the need for a reliable air service to connect the three Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Prior to the establishment of the airline, air travel to and from the islands was limited to small charter flights. Recognizing the potential for growth and development, the Cayman Islands government decided to create a national airline.

On August 7, 1968, Cayman Airways made its inaugural flight, operating a single aircraft, a Douglas DC-3, between the islands. This marked the beginning of a new era of air travel for the Cayman Islands, opening up opportunities for tourism, trade, and economic development.

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Over the years, Cayman Airways has expanded its fleet and route network to meet the growing demand for air travel. The airline currently operates a modern fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, offering both domestic and international flights to destinations in the Caribbean, the United States, and Central America.

As a national carrier, Cayman Airways takes pride in its commitment to providing excellent customer service and maintaining the highest safety standards. The airline has been recognized for its achievements in these areas, receiving numerous awards and accolades throughout its history.

Today, Cayman Airways continues to play a vital role in connecting the Cayman Islands with the rest of the world. Whether it's bringing tourists to the pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters of the islands or facilitating business travel and trade, the airline remains a symbol of national pride and a key contributor to the Cayman Islands' economy.

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