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KLM Airlines Partnerships & Alliances

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, recognized by the IATA code KL, is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, one of the world's three major global airline alliances. KLM joined the SkyTeam Alliance on 13th September 2004. This participation in the alliance allows KLM to offer its passengers an expanded network of destinations, increased frequency of flights, and improved service through shared lounges and rewards programs.

As an integral part of the SkyTeam Alliance, KLM has forged substantial codeshare agreements with several other airline carriers. This means that KLM can sell seats on flights operated by its partner airlines, using its own flight number. This process provides passengers with more destinations and departure times to choose from. The codeshare partners of KLM include, but are not limited to, Delta Airlines, Air France, and Kenya Airways.

Particularly noteworthy is the close partnership KLM shares with Air France, forming Air France-KLM, one of the world's largest airline groups. The joint venture facilitates the operation of transatlantic routes, which allows both airlines to optimize their network and fleet efficiency, leading to a better service for passengers in terms of more travel options and flight frequencies. This strategic alliance extends beyond codeshares and includes elements of operational integration, such as coordination on scheduling and pricing, as well as shared use of airport facilities and ground handling services.

Besides its partnerships within the airline industry, KLM has formed alliances with various corporations outside the aviation sector. For instance, KLM has partnered with leading hotel and car rental companies, allowing passengers to book hotels and car rental services directly from the KLM website. This strategy of diversifying partnerships underscores KLM's commitment to providing a seamless travel experience for its customers.

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