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Swiss International Memberships & Partners

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Swiss International Air Lines Partnerships & Alliances

Swiss International Air Lines (IATA code: LX), commonly referred to as SWISS, is a proud member of the Star Alliance. The airline became part of the Star Alliance, one of the world's most comprehensive air networks, in April 2006, enhancing its global presence and providing more seamless service to its passengers.

As part of the Star Alliance, SWISS has been able to extend its reach to over 1,300 destinations in 195 countries. This alliance has provided a platform for the airline to offer its passengers greater flexibility and convenience through shared services and reciprocal benefits, such as earning and redeeming miles across the entire alliance network.

SWISS has also entered into various codeshare agreements with other air carriers to further enhance its global connectivity. These codeshare partnerships allow SWISS to market flights operated by partner airlines, thereby offering its passengers more destinations and flexibility. Key codeshare partners of SWISS include airlines such as Air Canada, United Airlines, and Lufthansa, among others. These collaborations allow passengers to book a flight with SWISS and travel part of their journey on a partner airline, with seamless connections and integrated customer service.

Besides its alliance membership and codeshare partnerships, SWISS has also engaged in strategic joint ventures to boost its operational and service capabilities. For example, SWISS is part of a transatlantic joint venture with Air Canada, United Airlines, and Lufthansa Group. This joint venture enables coordinated flight schedules, joint sales activities, and shared revenue on these routes, creating a better and more comprehensive service for passengers.

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SWISS also boasts an impressive list of corporate partnerships. These partnerships extend beyond the aviation sector, reflecting the diverse ways in which SWISS aims to enhance its passenger experience. The airline has entered into partnerships with renowned brands in industries such as hospitality, tourism, sports, and more, providing its passengers with exclusive benefits and services. These strategic partnerships underscore SWISS's commitment to not only being a leading airline but also a comprehensive service provider in the travel industry.

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