Identification Requirements


Children traveling with adults

on domestic flights may not need a photo ID card; however, airlines may require the accompanying adult to show proof of age in the form of a birth certificate. You’ll need to check with the airline on which you’ve booked travel for their specific rules regarding child airport identification. Children, even infants traveling internationally will be subject to the same documentation requirements as adults. This means that if you are planning an international trip, even if a baby has not yet been born but will be born by flight time, you will need to make arrangements for a passport. 

When a child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor, the adult dropping the child at the airport as well as the adult picking the child up at his or her destination will be required to show identification. Additionally, the airline will need to be notified in advance with the contact details of the adult retrieving the child at the final destination.

While airlines may not specifically require children to travel with individual photo identification, it is never a bad idea to have photo ID created for your child before you travel. Sites such as will make photo IDs for children that include a parent’s name and emergency contact numbers in case you should become separated from your child.

Don’t have a valid form of Identification?

Well you can still get through security, but you will be subject to a manual check, meaning you will be placed in a separate line so security can perform a more detailed screening, which could include a search of your person or your carry-ons or both. Be prepared for an extra delay.

Pets & Luggage

Any checked baggage should always be clearly marked with your name, a contact number (both from home and your destination, if possible) and the immediate destination of the baggage. Pets traveling as cargo should follow the same rules. Whether your pet is traveling as cargo or on board with you, you should also make sure your pet is wearing a collar with all identification details.