First-time Flyer Tips

First time flying?  Or just rusty?

You’ve booked your trip... you’re all excited to go see the in-laws. But there’s a little detail...ok..not so little. You haven’t flown in years (maybe never?), and you have no clue what’s involved to get to your local airport, check in for your flight, get through security (are they going to strip-search me?), get to your gate, and fly those friendly skies.

Don’t fear, we’ve put together some helpful tips to get you to and through airports. Keep in mind, each airport is different, so things like parking garages and their daily rates, the layout of terminals and gates, and the general number of available airport services, such as restaurants and stores, will be very different between the various airport facilities.

Preparing for your Trip

Before you Leave. If this is your first time flying, or it has just been a while, follow these tips to be best prepared before you even leave for the airport.

What to Pack

Restricted Items - things you can take with you. Due to the heightened security measures after 9/11 and following the exposed plot in the UK during the summer of 2006, the agency who regulates airport security, the Transportation Safety Administration, or TSA, has revised its guidelines numerous times. Clearly there are items that were and always will be prohibited, such as firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, etc. (seems like common sense, right?). But if you want to know if you can take that sewing needle on-board, of if your 2 gallon jug of hair gel will make it past airport security, its best to check on the latest advisory directly with the TSA, at