First-time Flyer Tips

Confirming your Flight.

If you fly on any one of the major US carriers or their large alliance partners, you don’t have to worry about calling to confirm your flight. However, if you’re flying Air Zimbabwe or other less-known carrier, its a good idea to call at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Check with your airline a day before your departure.

Checking on the Status of your Flight before you Leave

It is definitely a good idea to check the status of your departure prior to leaving for the airport. Check on iFly’s live departures to see the status of your flight. NOTE: remember, if your flight is listed as ’on-time 3 hours prior to your boarding time, that does not guarantee that by the time you get to the airport parking lot that the flight status will not have changed to ’delayed’.

When to Arrive at the airport?

After you’ve familiarized yourself with the directions to the airport, seen what the average drive time is, and viewed the parking options, you will probably now be asking: "when should I arrive at the airport"?. The TSA recommends arriving at least 2 hours before your flight. You might also want to check the average security wait times to see how long the lines are at the time you’ll be arriving.

Airport Parking Options

Airport parking can be very frustrating, and very expensive, if you’re not prepared. It is very common for passengers to miss flights because they could not find appropriate parking, or getting stuck with huge bills because time ran short and the only option left was the high-priced short-term parking garage. Know your options. Check out iFly’s section on Parking Advice and Tips.

Public Transportation Options

If you live in an area which has public transportation, often this can be the cheapest and most reliable way to get into and out of the airport. Trains are not affected by rush hour (they only run more frequently), and often take you very close to your departure terminal. Check if the closest airport to you for info on ground transportation options.