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Guest Services at Wellington WLG Airport

Lost & Found

For items lost in the airplane, contact your airline.

For items lost at Wellington Airport, call (04) 385 5124 or e-mail:  mail@wellingtonairport.co.nz. Items will only be held for up to three weeks. 
However, note that valuables like wallets & passports are handled by the Airport Police Office - tel.  (04) 494 8430.
Bank cards or EFTPOS cards are forwarded to the appropriate bank.

Note: It is a serious offense to leave unaccompanied baggage in the airport vicinity.

Mail Center


Pets are not allowed at the airport, unless they are working dogs or are in a safe kennel. Contact your airline as to their requirements. If you intend to take your pet out of the country, contact the embassy of the country of your destination as to shots and documentation requirements.


Smoking is not permitted at Wellington Airport.

International Travelers at Wellington WLG Airport

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