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Overview of Airport

Albuquerque Airport (ABQ), the main international airport in New Mexico is located in Bernalillo County, between the Rio Grande River and the Sandia Mountains east of Old Town Albuquerque and Barelas.

The Albuquerque Aviation Department operates ABQ. It is located 3 miles (5km) southeast of Albuquerque and south of the University of New Mexico.

Covering over 2000 acres (825Ha) of New Mexico desert, ABQ airport is publicly owned and employs more than 3,000 people, including air traffic control & ground operations, baggage handling, terminal amenities and security personnel. The airport handled 5,000,000 passengers in 2019, prior to covid.

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Albuquerque Airport Overview Map
Albuquerque Airport Overview Map

Albuquerque Sunport Airport (ABQ) Terminals

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ABQ - Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque Sunport Airport
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Airport Traveling Tips

  • The busy hours of the airport include:
  • Morning - 7:00 am to 8:00 am
  • Night - 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
    • To account for any TSA security wait times, and any possible delays, passengers should reach the airport in time.
    • International Flight:

      Passengers are advised to arrive 3 hours before a flight.

        • Domestic Flight:

          Passengers are advised to arrive 2 hours before a flight.

      Flight Status

      Airport Terminals

      There is one terminal at the Albuquerque Airport, with 25 gates, and 4 concourses, including a concourse for commuter airlines. To see the terminal location and for additional information, please refer to the Airport Map.

      Concourse A

      This Concourse has 13 Gates: A1-A12, & A14.

      Concourse B

      This Concourse has 9 Gates: B1 & B3-B10.

      Concourse C

      This Concourse was originally known as the west wing, and is now the International Arrivals gate. Currently, there is 1 gate used, C1.

      Concourse E

      This Concourse has 2 Gates: E1 & E2.

      Airlines Served

      Albuquerque Airport serves various airlines including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Boutique Air, Delta Air Lines, United Express, Delta Connection, and more. View the full list of airlines served at ABQ Airport.

      Airport Parking

      Short-Term and Long-Term Parking:

      Parking is available at the terminal. The various parking options at Albuquerque Airport include hourly, daily, long-term, plus more.

      Off-site Parking:

      Many parking lots offer economical off-site parking near the airport. Most of the off-site parking lots allow 24/7 access.

      Ground Transportation

      After arriving at an airport, passengers can select from a variety of ground transport options. There are many options available, including car rental, bus, shuttle, and airport shuttle. Many passengers also choose ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber. Passengers can choose from many ground transportation options after arriving at the airport. You have many choices, such as car rental, bus or shuttle service, airport shuttle and shuttle. Many people also use ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber.

      Car Rentals

      Car Rentals can be easily found at the airport. There are many car rental agencies onsite at the airport, some of the well-known providers including:

      • Enterprise
      • Hertz
      • Budget
      • National, and more.

      They offer the passengers a large variety of vehicles to choose from.

      Airport Shuttles

      Another great way to travel from ABQ Airport is through Airport Shuttles. You can easily get a ride to almost any nearby location with the availability of various shuttle services.

      Buses & Trains

      Public Transportation is available from the airport to the major nearby locations.

      • On the west side of the baggage claim area, ABQ RIDE offers bus service.

      Amenities & Services

      To help you have a great stay, Albuquerque Airport provides visitors with different amenities and services including:

      Passenger Pickup and Drop-off

      • ABQ Airport offers a free cell phone waiting area that can be used by the general public.
      • Meeters and greeters can wait in this lot until the arrival passenger calls and the drive to the front of the terminal for a pickup.

      Contact Information

      Address: 2200 Sunport Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA


      Phone: (505) 244 7700

      Have you lost an item at the airport? Lost & Found.

      Albuquerque Sunport Airport: A Brief History Timeline

      ABQ was initially served by two private aircraft - Oxnard Field Airport and West Mesa Airport.

      Albuquerque Municipal Airport opened in 1939.

      The airport was renamed Albuquerque Sunport on April 17, 1963.

      The present terminal was inaugurated in 1965.

      1971 saw the international recognition of the airport and it was renamed Albuquerque International Airport.

      The terminal was renovated and expanded in 1987-1989. Advertising design by Phillip Jacobson, BPLW Associates.

      The name of the company was changed to Albuquerque International Sunport in 1994.

      Between 1980 and 2007, at least 34 regional and commuter airlines served ABQ Airport. The largest was Mesa Airlines.

      The headquarters of 10 tanker Air Carrier, an aerial firefighting company in the sky, was moved to Albuquerque in 2013.

      Traveler Help

      Questions about ABQ? Find answers here.
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      Newest Questions

      My husband and I will be flying into ABQ on October 20 and have reserved a rental car. My husband uses a walker; will he be able to get on the bus to go to the rental car terminal?

      Asked by Nancy C. Collins - Wed, 12 October

      Yes, the shuttle buses are handicap accessible. 

      Is there somewhere to purchase balloons in the airport terminal?

      Asked by Jennifer - Tue, 27 September

      We couldn't find a place to purchase balloons at this terminal. 

      Where do you pick up arriving passengers?

      Asked by pat - Tue, 20 September

      Arriving passengers can be picked up at the front of the terminal. 

      Are there currency exchange services at the Sunport? I need to exchange euros. Thanks

      Asked by Maria Chaparro - Thu, 8 September

      We didn't find a currency exchange listed for this airport. 

      Are masks required in the airport?

      Asked by Teresa Conner - Mon, 5 September

      Face coverings are currently required in all public spaces at this airport by staff and passengers.

      Where can I find detail map of Sunport?

      Asked by Ned B. Heitz - Fri, 2 September

      Here is an interactive map of the Sunport Airport. 

      I left a hat at the Watch restaurant on Saturday- whom should I contact? The restaurant isn’t answering the phone. Thank [email protected] 602.743,9978

      Asked by shannon gitell - Tue, 23 August

      You can contact the airport's lost and found department at (505) 244-7706.

      How far is the short term parking from the main terminal?

      Asked by Terri Yarbrough - Sun, 31 July

      The parking garage is located right across the street from the main terminal. 

      We will out of town for 34 days. Is there a max number of days that we can park in the garage parking?

      Asked by Roger Redman - Thu, 14 July

      We didn't find a max number of days, however, you might want to double-check with the parking hotline at (505) 842-7030. 

      Where do I pick up someone arriving on a United flight?

      Asked by Carolyn Bond - Thu, 14 July

      There is a public pick up lane located directly outside of the 1st floor baggage claim area. 

      Are there special parking rates for veterans?

      Asked by Edward - Mon, 11 July

      There are no special parking rates for veterans at this airport. 


      Asked by ART FLYNN - Mon, 6 June

      You can contact the airlines directly for all baggage claims. 

      We parked in the long term parking are, but lost our ticket. What is the process for losing a ticket?

      Asked by Dolores - Sat, 4 June

      Please contact the Parking Administration Office at (505) 244-7883.

      Hi is it safe to sleep overnight in the airport? Is there a lounge I can pay to stay in?

      Asked by Janelle Eradiri - Wed, 18 May

      There are no lounges available for sleeping in the airport. 

      Why doesn't the wifi allow for the majority of sites to load?

      Asked by No - Sun, 8 May

      Airports have been know to control the type of traffic that goes to and from their servers, and sometimes "legitimate" sites can be blocked. The only way around this is to use a VPN service. 

      If I am flying on Alaska Air, is there a first class lounge/club that I can use?

      Asked by Shariann Lewitt - Sat, 23 April

      There are no lounges that you would be able to access at this airport. 

      Is there an airport lounge at ABQ?

      Asked by Brian Good - Tue, 19 April

      There are no lounges at this airport. 

      Are there airline lounges at this airport?

      Asked by Liliana - Sun, 10 April

      There are no airline-specific lounges at ABQ.

      Can I move about from Concourse A to Concourse B?

      Asked by J D - Mon, 4 April

      Yes, the A and B Concourses are right next to each other, after security. You can easily move between them.

      Is there a Starbucks at the airport?

      Asked by Rita Silva - Thu, 17 March

      There is not a Starbucks at this airport. 

      Arriving on American, where is closest pet relief area to carousel 4?

      Asked by Jodi Taylor - Wed, 16 March

      This airport has one indoor service animal relief area, located at gate A7. It also has two outdoor relief areas located outside of the baggage claim level on both the east and west ends of the building

      Does the airport have any private lounges?

      Asked by Lori - Mon, 14 March

      There do not currently seem to be any lounges available at this airport. 

      I may have lost my credit card at one of the parking pay stations. How might I contact someone who would help me with lost and found.

      Asked by Cynthia M Stuart - Wed, 9 March

      Please contact lost & found at (505) 244-7706 (24-hour line).

      Are there any computers you can use at Albuquerque Sunport Airport? With scanning and printing available?

      Asked by L. Raphael - Tue, 8 March

      No - outside of any lounge, there are no scanning or printing services available at this airport. 

      How can I get from Albuquerque greyhound bus station to the rental car area at ABQ? How far is it?

      Asked by Paige - Fri, 25 February

      It would take you either around 10 minutes driving (via Rideshare) or about an hour via public pus to get you from the Greyhound bus station to the rental car ara.

      Can i walk into the airport when i am dropping off family?

      Asked by George Romero - Sun, 30 January

      Non-flying passengers are permitted to enter the airport, up to the security checkpoints.  In certain situations, a passenger may be accompanied by a non-flying person if he/she has a gate pass.  For more info, see:

      Can I drop off my prepaid baggage night before 0700 am United Airlines flight?

      Asked by Brian Hanley - Thu, 27 January

      Baggage drop-off (check-in) is available 2 hours prior to your departure.  Proceed to the United ticketing counter directly.

      What time does the southwest curbside check in open?

      Asked by leslie - Sun, 23 January

      Curbside check-in is typically available at the departures area 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of a flight.  Southwest typically uses Concourse A.

      How do I pick up passengers from Alaska airlines?

      Asked by Gary Greenfield - Tue, 18 January

      Alaska Airlines uses the airport's B gates.  To pickup an arriving passenger, proceed to the arrivals area of B terminal.

      Which rental company stays open the latest for a flight that arrives at 1000 PM?

      Asked by Elaine Gutzke - Fri, 14 January

      The car rental center is open from 6 am until 12 am.  Car rental shuttles however run 24-7. 

      Individual rental car companies operate at different hours.

      Are there any first class lounges?

      Asked by Emily - Mon, 10 January

      Sorry. No first or business class lounges are available.

      Where are the baggage carousels?

      Asked by Dean COULTER - Thu, 6 January

      Baggage claim (carousels) are located at the main terminal, lower level. 

      Do I need a covid -19 test to fly out of the Albuquerque Sunport?

      Asked by Melissa Martinez - Sat, 1 January

      No COVID test is required for domestic travel. If you are flying internationally, please check the rules for the country that you are flying to. 

      I have a 5am flight Thursday and need to check a bag and go thru the TSA security. Are things open at 3am and in this enough time?

      Asked by JEFFREY D SCHULTZ - Fri, 17 December

      The Airport is open 24 hours. The TSA general hours of operation are 4:00am - 11:30pm. However, they are subject to change at the TSA's discretion. Keep in mind that the airline check-in and baggage drop hours vary according to the flight schedule. We would recommend checking these hours with your airline. 

      Hello - Who can I contact regarding an item left on the shuttle bus from the airport to the rental car center?Thank you,Vince

      Asked by Vince Price - Mon, 22 November

      Items lost within the airport's terminals and shuttles are turned into the Sunport lost & found.  Their number is (505) 244-7706.

      How can I contact the business center?

      Asked by Elizabeth Camacho - Fri, 19 November

      Currently there is no designated business center at this airport.

      Where do I drop off my Avis rental and catch my United Airlines flight

      Asked by Paul - Mon, 25 October

      The Sunport car rental center is located at  3400 University SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. Phone is (505) 315-7770

      How to log into airport internet

      Asked by Janet C Greenwood - Mon, 25 October

      Wifi is available throughout the airport, but first you must connect to the airport network using their SSID "sunport"

      Are there any chairs, benches, etc. near the Southwest baggage claim area?

      Asked by Vicki Jackson Amundsen - Wed, 20 October

      Yes there are plenty of seats and benches in all baggage claim areas. 

      I am fully vaccinated. Do I need any type of covid test to be able to fly into the airport and to leave the airport?

      Asked by Jenny - Tue, 12 October

      If you are flying to this airport, you only need to be wearing a mask to navigate your way out of the airport. If you are flying out of ABQ, Covid testing could be required based on your destination. For more info go to ABQ Covid Page

      Does this airport have curbside check-in?

      Asked by Scott - Fri, 8 October

      Each individual airline manages their own curbside check-in stations. You would need to contact your airline to see if they are supporting this service. 

      Is there temporary parking where a driver can wait for passengers to arrive?

      Asked by Paul weber - Wed, 6 October

      Yes, there is a free Cell Phone Lot where you can wait for your passenger(s). You can wait in this lot and drive over to the terminal when your passenger(s) arrive. You must stay in your car in this lot. 

      My flight on American from DFW was cancelled yesterday but the bags went through. Where is baggage service office to claim my bag when I arrive in person?

      Asked by Janice Butler - Fri, 1 October

      Each airline has a claim office on the bag claim level. If there is no one there at the time of the passengers arrival, they can pick up a courtesy phone to page a team member.

      What time do the restaurants close there?

      Asked by Joan - Tue, 21 September

      Each shop/restaurant has different hours, and some have made adjustments during the pandemic. For more info, see ABQ shops & restaurants hours. 

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      Albuquerque Sunport Airport Q&A

      Yes. While the official name is Albuquerque International Sunport Airport, it is also known by its IATA code ABQ.
      The airport remains open 24 hours a day and passengers are permitted to sleep in the airport. Also, visitors can stay inside overnight. We also recommend these awesome ABQ layover ideas.
      The airport is 3 miles (5 km) southeast of downtown Albuquerque, south of the University of New Mexico, and directly to the west of Sandia National Laboratories.
      When you get to the departure level at the Airport, ask a Skycap for assistance.
      You can fly to many cities from ABQ Airport. To see where you can fly from the airport, have a look at our direct flights page.