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Baggage & Security

Albuquerque Sunport Airport ABQ
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Baggage Claim at Albuquerque Sunport ABQ Airport

The baggage claim area is on level 1 of the passenger terminal and offers information & rental car counters.  It is a good place for meeter /greeters.

Baggage Carts / Skycap at Albuquerque Sunport ABQ Airport

Baggage Carts at ABQ Airport are available in the baggage claim area.

Skycap service is available in the departures area, and can assist with transporting luggage to the airline check-in counter.
Skycaps also provide curbside check-in that helps passengers avoid ticket lines.
Skycaps can also transport disabled individuals by wheelchair to and from aircraft gates. A modest tip is expected.

Security at Albuquerque Sunport ABQ Airport

Only passengers with tickets or passengers who can produce airline-approved documentation will be allowed beyond the security checkpoint. If you are utilizing e-tickets or ticketless travel, please confirm with your airline what you will need at the checkpoint.
Exceptions to this rule may be made for special circumstances such as parents escorting children or a need to accompany an elderly individual to the gate. Please check with your airline prior to reaching the security checkpoint for advice on how to best handle this situation so you avoid any unnecessary delays once you reach the checkpoint. "

Family members, friends and others waiting on arriving passengers or accompanying departing passengers will have to stay outside the security checkpoint area. Meeters and greeters are no longer allowed access to the gate areas.

If you happen to be carrying a restricted item and it is detected at the security checkpoint, you will be given the option of taking the item back to your vehicle or checking it at your airline ticket counter. If you choose neither of these options, the item will be collected by security screening personnel and cannot be returned.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for the passenger screening at the security checkpoint. Questions or comments relating to screening policies, procedures and employment should be directed to www.tsa.dot.gov.

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