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AEX Terminal Maps & Guide

Traveling through Alexandria England Airpark Airport, also known as AEX, is a breeze with its small and easy-to-navigate terminal building. The airport has one terminal building with two levels, offering all necessary facilities and services for travelers. From dining options to charging stations, the airport has everything you need to make your journey a smooth one. This terminal guide will help you understand and navigate the airport with ease, scroll down for more detailed information.

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Alexandria Airport Overview Map
Alexandria Airport Overview Map

Alexandria England Airpark Airport (AEX) Terminals

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AEX - Alexandria, LA - Alexandria England Airpark Airport
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Alexandria England Airpark Airport Terminal Information

Alexandria Airport, also known as AEX, is a small airport located in the United States. The airport has one terminal building with two levels, which is home to all of the airport's facilities and services.

Airport Terminal Layout

The terminal building at AEX Airport is split into two levels. The ground level is where you will find the baggage claim area, rental car counters, and the airport's main entrance. The upper level is where you will find the airport's ticket counters, security checkpoints, and departure gates. The terminal building is easy to navigate and has plenty of signage to help you find your way around.

Overview of Terminals

The terminal building at the airport is small but offers all the necessary services and facilities for travelers. The airport has a few restaurants and shops where you can grab a bite to eat or pick up some last-minute souvenirs. There are also several ATMs and charging stations located throughout the terminal building.

Getting Between Terminals

As AEX only has one terminal building, there is no need to worry about getting between terminals. All facilities and services are located within the same building, making it easy to navigate and find everything you need.

Food, Shops & Services

Alexandria England Airpark Airport may be small, but it still offers a decent selection of food and shopping options for travelers passing through. The airport has a few dining options, including a café and a snack bar, where you can grab a quick bite to eat before your flight. If you're looking for something more substantial, there's also a restaurant that serves a variety of dishes.

In terms of shopping, the airport has a small gift shop where you can pick up souvenirs or last-minute travel essentials. There's also a newsstand where you can grab a magazine or newspaper to read on your flight. While the selection may not be as extensive as larger airports, it's still nice to have some options to browse through.

Aside from food and shopping, the airport also offers a few amenities and services to make your travel experience more comfortable. There's free Wi-Fi throughout the airport, so you can stay connected while you wait for your flight. Additionally, there are charging stations available to keep your devices powered up. If you need to freshen up before your flight, there are restrooms and a family restroom available. while Alexandria Airport may not have all the bells and whistles of larger airports, it still has everything you need to make your journey a smooth one.

Locations of Security Checkpoint(s)

AEX Airport has one security checkpoint located at the entrance of the terminal building. Passengers are required to go through the security screening process before entering the boarding area. The airport recommends arriving at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time to allow enough time for security screening and other check-in procedures.

Fast Track Lanes and Locations

The airport does not currently offer fast track lanes for passengers. However, the airport does offer TSA PreCheck, which allows eligible passengers to expedite the security screening process. TSA PreCheck is available at the airport's security checkpoint and allows passengers to keep their shoes, belts, and light jackets on, as well as leave laptops and liquids in their carry-on bags.

Passport & Immigration Control Locations

AEX does not have international flights and therefore does not have passport and immigration control locations. However, if you are traveling to an international destination with a connecting flight, you will need to go through passport and immigration control at your connecting airport.

TSA and TSA Pre Checkpoints

At Alexandria England Airpark Airport, both TSA and TSA Pre Checkpoints are available for passengers. The TSA checkpoint is located near the entrance of the terminal and is open during airport operating hours. TSA Pre Check is available for eligible passengers, allowing them to move through security more quickly and efficiently. To participate in TSA Pre Check, passengers must apply and be approved by the TSA, and then provide their Known Traveler Number (KTN) when booking their flight.

Global Entry Locations

Alexandria Airport does not have a Global Entry enrollment center on site. However, there are several Global Entry enrollment centers located within a reasonable distance of the airport. These centers allow travelers to complete the Global Entry application process, which includes an in-person interview and background check. Once approved, Global Entry members can use expedited customs and immigration processing when entering the United States from abroad. To find the nearest Global Entry enrollment center, visit the official website of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

CLEAR Lane Locations

This airport does not currently have CLEAR Lanes. However, you still might be able to use CLEAR if you are traveling to or from another airport that does. You can easily check CLEAR airport locationsand learn more about how to save a ton of time on your next trip!

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Airport Lounge Locations

AEX Airport may be a small airport, but it still offers a few lounges for travelers to relax in before their flights. The airport has a Delta Sky Club lounge located near gate 4. This lounge offers comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and drinks, and free Wi-Fi.

In addition to the Delta Sky Club, the airport also has a United Club lounge located near gate 5. This lounge offers similar amenities to the Delta Sky Club, including comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and drinks, and free Wi-Fi.

Baggage Claim Areas

Baggage claim areas at the airport are located on the lower level of the terminal building. Passengers can easily locate their baggage by checking the overhead monitors for their flight number and carousel number. The airport provides baggage carts free of charge for passengers to transport their luggage from the carousel to the ground transportation area.

Luggage Cart Availability

Luggage carts are available free of charge at AEX. Passengers can find them in the baggage claim area and throughout the terminal building. The airport also provides luggage cart return areas throughout the terminal building for passengers to conveniently return their carts after use.

Luggage Storage Locations

Unfortunately, Alexandria England Airpark Airport does not offer left luggage services for passengers. However, there are several luggage storage options available near the airport, including luggage storage facilities and hotels that offer luggage storage services for a fee. Passengers can inquire at the airport information desk for recommendations and assistance in locating these services.