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AMS Airport Food & Shopping Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to food and shopping at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Whether you're in search of a satisfying meal at Dakota's Restaurant & Bar, a quick coffee at Starbucks, or a sweet treat from Woltje's Backerij, this airport has a wealth of dining options to suit every palate. And when it comes to shopping, whether you're looking for a last-minute gift at Aviflora, a new fragrance from Otentic, or a stylish accessory from Swarovski, you're sure to find what you need. This introduction offers just a taste of the detailed content that awaits you in our guide. To explore more, visit the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Below you will find more detailed information about some of the most popular restaurants, shops, and stores at the airport, including proximity to gates and links to amenity maps.

Tips, Help & Resources

With our airport maps at your fingers, iFly.com can help you find food or where to shop, but also get through, and between the AMS terminals with ease. Here are some tips to assist you during your journey through the airport:

  • If you have some time before your flight departs AMS airport, get a coffee, have a sit-down meal, or walk the shops within the terminals. You never know what treat or souvenir you might discover!
  • Need to kill some time before your flight's departure, check out these ideas for a layover.
  • Are you a frequent flyer or traveling in business or first class? Then check out where the Amsterdam Schiphol airline lounges are located.
  • Should the need arise, the airport is equipped to handle special-needs persons, and also small medical emergencies that may arise.

Maps of Shops & Restaurants

Locating eateries, stores, and other services at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is made simple using our interactive maps. Just pick your departure or arrival terminal from the selection of terminal maps provided and discover all the amenities at your disposal. These maps also offer the convenience of guiding you to your chosen location or facilitating a terminal transfer in case of a connecting flight.


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, known for its extensive dining options, offers a wide range of restaurants to cater to the diverse culinary preferences of its travelers. Whether you are looking for a quick bite before your flight or a sit-down meal to relax, you will find a restaurant that suits your needs. Here are some of the popular restaurants at the airport, grouped by their terminal location.

Terminal 1:

  • Dakota's Restaurant & Bar: A perfect place for a sit-down meal, Dakota's offers a diverse menu that caters to all taste buds.
  • Park Cafe: If you are looking for a quick bite or a cup of coffee, Park Cafe is your go-to place.
  • Woltje's Backerij: Indulge in some local baked goods at Woltje's Backerij, a popular choice among travelers.
  • Burger King: For those who prefer fast food, Burger King offers a quick and satisfying meal.

Terminal 2:

  • Grab & Fly: As the name suggests, Grab & Fly is perfect for those in a hurry. Grab a sandwich or a salad and you're good to go.
  • The Grill: If you have some time to spare, The Grill offers a sit-down dining experience with a variety of grilled dishes.
  • Starbucks: Known worldwide, Starbucks is the place to get your caffeine fix before your flight.
  • Burger King: Another fast food option in Terminal 2, Burger King is a familiar and reliable choice.

Terminal 3:

  • Color Cafe: A vibrant cafe offering a range of beverages and snacks. A good place to relax before your flight.
  • Segafredo Espresso Bar: If you're a coffee lover, Segafredo Espresso Bar is a must-visit. Enjoy a cup of espresso or try one of their other coffee varieties.
  • Starbucks: Starbucks in Terminal 3 ensures that you're never too far from your favorite coffee.
  • McDonald's: The golden arches of McDonald's are a comforting sight for those seeking fast, familiar food.

There are many other dining options at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, including Hello Goodbye Bar, Two Tigers, and Multiviaai in the Main Terminal. In Concourse C, you can find Cafe Comunal and Kiosko Comunal. Concourse D houses a variety of options such as Segafredo Espresso Bar, Grab & Fly, and Murphy's Bar. From Terminal 1 to Terminal 5, you will find a variety of restaurants like Grand Cafe Het Paleis, The Market, and Grand Cafe Stockholm. No matter where you are at the airport, you're sure to find a dining option that satisfies your cravings.

Shops & Stores

Whether you're looking for the perfect souvenir, need to pick up a last-minute gift, or just want to indulge in a little retail therapy before your flight, Amsterdam's bustling airport has you covered. With an extensive selection of shops and stores scattered across its terminals, you'll find everything from high-end fashion brands and electronics to local Dutch treats and travel essentials. Here are some of the most popular shopping destinations at the airport, grouped by terminal location and store type for your convenience.

Main Terminal

  • Jamin: A Dutch candy store with a vast assortment of sweets and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Aviflora: Offers a variety of floral arrangements and plants, perfect for a last-minute gift.
  • Airport Telecom Shop: Your go-to spot for travel electronics and accessories.

Terminal 1

  • Otentic: A perfume boutique offering a wide range of fragrances.
  • Fashion & Travel: Offers a curated selection of fashion items and travel essentials.
  • Swarovski: Known for its high-quality crystal jewelry, watches, accessories, and decorations.

Terminal 2

  • Sunglasses: Offers a broad selection of designer sunglasses.
  • Books & Electronics: Pick up a new read for your flight or browse their selection of electronics.
  • Suitsupply: A one-stop shop for men's fashion, specializing in suits and business attire.

Terminal 3

  • Drugstore: Carries a variety of health and beauty products, snacks, and travel essentials.
  • Exquisite: Offers a selection of high-end gifts and souvenirs.
  • Victoria's Secret: Known for its iconic lingerie, beauty products, and accessories.

In addition to these highlighted stores, travelers will also find other noteworthy shops such as HEMA in Terminal 3 for Dutch-designed homewares and clothing, and Gassan Diamonds for exquisite jewelry. For those with a sweet tooth, don't miss out on Fine Chocolates in Terminal 3. And if you're in need of some reading material for your flight, News & Books has locations in Terminal 2 and 3, as well as Concourse B.

Please be sure to check at the airport for the most up-to-date store locations and hours, as this information can change at any time.

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport food shopping Q&A

The airport offers a wide range of restaurants including Dakota's Restaurant & Bar, Park Cafe, Woltje's Backerij, and Burger King in Terminal 1; Grab & Fly, The Grill, Starbucks, and Burger King in Terminal 2; and Color Cafe, Segafredo Espresso Bar, Starbucks, and McDonald's in Terminal 3.
You can get a quick cup of coffee at Starbucks, which is located in Terminals 2 and 3, or at Park Cafe and Segafredo Espresso Bar in Terminal 1.
The airport has an extensive selection of shops including Jamin, Aviflora, and Airport Telecom Shop in the Main Terminal; Otentic, Fashion & Travel, and Swarovski in Terminal 1; Sunglasses, Books & Electronics, and Suitsupply in Terminal 2; and Drugstore, Exquisite, and Victoria's Secret in Terminal 3.
Yes, there are several fast food options including Burger King in Terminals 1 and 2, and McDonald's in Terminal 3.
You can find maps of the shops and restaurants at the airport at the following links: [AMS Concourse B Food & Stores Map](https://www.ifly.com/airports/amsterdam-schiphol-international-airport/terminal-map/Concourse-B-map), [AMS Concourse C Food & Stores Map](https://www.ifly.com/airports/amsterdam-schiphol-international-airport/terminal-map/Concourse-C-map), [AMS Concourse D Food & Stores Map](https://www.ifly.com/airports/amsterdam-schiphol-international-airport/terminal-map/Concourse-D-map), [AMS Concourse E Food & Stores Map](https://www.ifly.com/airports/amsterdam-schiphol-international-airport/terminal-map/Concourse-E-map), [AMS Concourse F Food & Stores Map](https://www.ifly.com/airports/amsterdam-schiphol-international-airport/terminal-map/Concourse-F-map), and [AMS Concourse G Food & Stores Map](https://www.ifly.com/airports/amsterdam-schiphol-international-airport/terminal-map/Concourse-G-map).
Yes, you can find local Dutch treats at Jamin in the Main Terminal and Woltje's Backerij in Terminal 1.
You can buy a last-minute gift at Aviflora in the Main Terminal or at Exquisite in Terminal 3.
Yes, you can find high-end fashion brands at Swarovski in Terminal 1 and Suitsupply in Terminal 2.
You can find travel essentials at the Airport Telecom Shop in the Main Terminal, Fashion & Travel in Terminal 1, and Drugstore in Terminal 3.
Yes, you can have a sit-down meal at Dakota's Restaurant & Bar in Terminal 1, The Grill in Terminal 2, and Color Cafe in Terminal 3.