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Your Guide to Airlines Serving Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Airport stands as a pivotal hub in Europe, welcoming a multitude of passengers annually. Among the leading airlines operating here are KLM, Delta Air Lines, and Air France. The airport sees around 1,300 flights take off daily, offering nonstop connections to more than 300 global destinations.


KLM, the pride of the Netherlands, holds the title of the largest operator at this hub. It connects travelers to over 160 destinations across the globe, including sought-after cities like New York, London, and Tokyo. With a robust fleet that includes Boeing 777s and Airbus A330s, KLM ensures a comfortable and efficient travel experience. Additionally, passengers can enjoy a range of in-flight amenities and services tailored to enhance their journey, whether flying economy or business class.

Delta Air Lines

A key player in the American aviation market, Delta Air Lines links the United States to the Netherlands from its Atlanta hub. This airline is a go-to for nonstop flights to several U.S. cities, such as New York, Boston, and Minneapolis. Through its strategic alliance with KLM, Delta extends its reach, offering passengers seamless connections to over 300 destinations worldwide. Delta is renowned for its customer service, offering various cabin classes, from Delta One® suites to comfortable Main Cabin seats, catering to diverse traveler needs.

Air France

Representing France, Air France is a distinguished member of the SkyTeam alliance, facilitating connections from Paris to the airport. This airline not only provides access to over 200 destinations globally but also enhances passenger experience through its partnership with KLM. This collaboration simplifies the travel process for flyers, enabling easy transitions between the two carriers. Air France is celebrated for its culinary offerings, with menu options curated by Michelin-starred chefs, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience aboard.

Other Airlines

In addition to KLM, Delta Air Lines, and Air France, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is served by several other prominent airlines, offering a diverse range of destinations and high-quality services for travelers. Some of these include:

  • British Airways: Connects Amsterdam with London, offering multiple flights daily. Known for its exceptional service and extensive global network.
  • United Airlines: Offers direct flights to the United States, including cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., known for its comprehensive in-flight entertainment options.
  • Emirates: Provides direct flights to Dubai, offering travelers luxury services and access to one of the largest networks of international destinations.
  • Singapore Airlines: Known for its top-tier service, it connects Amsterdam directly with Singapore, serving as a gateway to Asia and the Pacific.

It's important to note that the information provided here is subject to change. For the most current details, including specific airlines' terminal locations, please refer to the complete list of airlines served by the airport:

Last updated:

EVA AirConcourse E
Norwegian Air InternationalMain Terminal
Pegasus AirlinesConcourse G
KLM AirlinesConcourse E
Arkia Israeli AirlinesConcourse G
Air Transat AirlinesConcourse G
Lot Polish AirlinesConcourse C
Aeroflot Russian AirlinesConcourse G
Transavia AirlinesConcourse B
Sunexpress AirlinesConcourse G
EmiratesConcourse G
Swiss International Air LinesConcourse C
Royal Air Maroc AirlinesConcourse G
Finnair AirlinesConcourse B
Malaysia Airline AirlinesConcourse F
Tunis Air AirlinesConcourse G
KLM AirlinesConcourse F
KLM AirlinesConcourse D
Aer LingusConcourse D
Alitalia Express AirlinesConcourse B
Tarom Romanian Air TransportConcourse D
Korean Air Lines AirlinesConcourse G
Royal Air Maroc AirlinesConcourse D
Georgian Airways AirlinesConcourse D
Transavia AirlinesConcourse G
Us Airways ExpressMain Terminal
Czech AirlinesConcourse D
United AirlinesConcourse G
Olympic AirlinesConcourse B
KLM AirlinesConcourse C
KLM AirlinesConcourse B
British AirwaysConcourse D
Air Malta AirlinesConcourse C
Cathay Pacific AirwaysConcourse G
Air Astana Concourse E
Turkish AirlinesConcourse G
Vueling AirlinesConcourse G
Austrian AirlinesConcourse D
Air Baltic AirlinesConcourse D
Ukraine International AirlinesConcourse D
Singapore AirlinesConcourse E
TAP Air PortugalConcourse B
Pegasus AirlinesConcourse D
Belavia AirlinesConcourse D
Transavia AirlinesConcourse C
LufthansaConcourse B
EasyjetMain Terminal
Aeroflot Russian AirlinesConcourse D
Delta AirlinesConcourse G
Transavia AirlinesConcourse E
Air Astana Concourse G
Air Arabia MarocConcourse G
Delta AirlinesConcourse F
Afriqiyah Airways AirlinesConcourse G
Transavia AirlinesConcourse D
Delta AirlinesConcourse E
Royal Jordanian AirlinesConcourse D
Surinam Airways AirlinesConcourse G
Air SerbiaConcourse D
IcelandairConcourse C
Air FranceConcourse C
Bulgaria Air AirlinesConcourse D

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport airlines served Q&A

KLM, being the largest operator at the airport, offers the most flights per day. It is closely followed by other major airlines like Delta Air Lines and Air France, which also have significant daily operations.
Yes, Singapore Airlines provides direct flights to Singapore, serving as a convenient gateway to Asia and the Pacific. Additionally, Emirates offers direct flights to Dubai, from where travelers can connect to a wide range of destinations in Asia and beyond.
Emirates is renowned for its luxury services, offering travelers high-quality amenities and access to one of the largest networks of international destinations. Additionally, airlines like KLM and Delta Air Lines offer premium cabin classes with enhanced comfort and services.
Delta Air Lines and United Airlines offer direct flights to several cities in the United States, including New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Through strategic alliances, these airlines also provide seamless connections to over 300 destinations worldwide.
British Airways connects Amsterdam with London, offering multiple flights daily. This airline is known for its exceptional service and extensive global network, making it a preferred choice for travelers heading to the United Kingdom.
Air France is celebrated for its culinary offerings, with menu options curated by Michelin-starred chefs, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience aboard. This makes it an excellent choice for travelers who prioritize dining quality during their flight.
Consider your destination, preferred travel class, in-flight amenities, and any airline partnerships that may facilitate smoother connections. Airlines like KLM, Delta Air Lines, and Air France offer a range of services and cabin classes catering to diverse traveler needs. Checking the latest airline information and reviews can also provide insights into what to expect from your flying experience.