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Baggage Claim at Auckland AKL Airport

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Security at Auckland AKL Airport

International departures Auckland Airport recommends passengers arrive at least three hours before their scheduled departure time. Before you get to the airport make sure that you and your luggage adheres to aviation security regulations - including those relating to what you can carry onto the plane in your hand luggage.   Find out about carrying liquids, gels or aerosols before you get to the airport, and remember it is always wise to check your airline ticket for more information.  Check in  The check in counters for international passengers are located on the ground floor of the international terminal 

When checking in, you must have the following documents: Passport Travel documents, including ticket and/or booking reference. Departure area After checking-in on the ground floor, passengers should go to the first floor. Passengers are advised to enter the departure area to complete Customs and emigration formalities and then move on to their departure gate lounge. Our airport maps will help guide you to the right place.

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