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The airport offers parking for 15,000 vehicles.There are enough places for 262 buses, the rental car providers spaces for 408hire cars and the limousine services at the terminal occupy a further 827spaces, it also provides 402 car parking spaces for taxis right next to theTerminal


Passengers can easily access to the two-multi carparks by covered walkways from Level 3 of the Terminal. There are some carparks area closes to the car park entrances and exits offers for disablepassengers, with the majority of them being located in the short-term car parkbuildings close to the Terminal.


For short-term parking, there are 2 new parkingplaces in Bangkok Airport which is charge by the hours in there places, withfees decreasing after the first 2 hours.


The 1st hour                                                                             25baht

2 hours                                                                                    50baht

3 hours                                                                                    80baht

4 hours                                                                                    110baht

6 hours                                                                                    180baht

Daily                                                                                         250baht


For long-term parking, the car park provides 4000spaces located on the surface lot, buses can also park in this giant places.


The 1st hour                                                                             20baht

2 hours                                                                                    40baht

3 hours                                                                                    60baht           

4 hours                                                                                    80baht           

6 hours                                                                                    120baht

Daily                                                                                         140baht         


There are 5 access routes to the airport. The bestway is go via the Bangkok Chon Buri Motorway (motorway no.7) from the Bangkokcity, also via the expressway linking Bang Na and Bang Pakong from the SamutPrakan province.

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