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Security at Barcelona BCN Airport

Security Forces (National Police, Civil Guard, Regional Police, Municipal Police, etc.) and privately contracted security guards ensure the safety of passengers at Spanish airports. All passengers accessing boarding areas must pass through a security control by walking through a metal detector arch and passing their hand baggage and any other objects they may be carrying through X-ray screening equipment. Similarly, in line with European Union regulations, a series of measures are applied at Aena airports to reinforce the safety of passengers and flights without affecting the quality of service provided by airports. These measures, which are obligatory in all EU member countries, include the inspection of 100% of checked-in luggage and random manual inspections of passengers and hand luggage. European Commission Regulation (EU) 185/2010 dated 4 March, which lays down measures for the implementation of the common basic standards on aviation security, lists the prohibited articles, differentiating between those that passengers may not carry into security restricted areas or the cabin of an aircraft, and those not allowed in checked-in baggage destined for the aircraft hold.

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