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BHD Terminal Maps & Guide

Are you traveling through Belfast City Airport? This terminal guide will help you understand and navigate the airport with ease. Belfast Airport has one main terminal building with three floors, making it easy to navigate. The airport offers a range of facilities and services, including cafes, restaurants, shops, and lounges. Passengers can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. Security checkpoints are located on the ground floor, and fast track lanes are available for those who wish to expedite the screening process. Baggage claim areas are easily accessible, and luggage carts are available free of charge. This terminal guide will help you understand and navigate the airport with ease, scroll down for more detailed information.

BHD Interactive Airport Map

Airport Terminal Layout

BHD Airport, also known as George Best the airport, has one main terminal building with three floors. The ground floor is for arrivals, the first floor is for departures, and the second floor is for food and shopping options. The airport is relatively small, so navigating through the terminal is easy and straightforward.

Overview of Terminals

The terminal at BHD is modern, clean, and efficient. It has all the necessary facilities for travelers, including cafes, restaurants, shops, and ATMs. The airport also offers free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal, so passengers can stay connected while waiting for their flights. The terminal is well-organized, and there are plenty of signs and information screens to help passengers find their way around.

Getting Between Terminals

As Belfast City Airport has only one terminal building, there is no need to worry about getting between terminals. All the facilities and services are located in the same building, making it easy for passengers to navigate and find what they need. If you have any questions or need assistance, the airport staff are always available and happy to help.

Food, Shops & Services

Belfast Airport offers a variety of food and shopping options for travelers. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, there are plenty of options to choose from. The airport has several cafes and restaurants that serve a range of cuisines, including Irish, Italian, and American. If you're in a hurry, grab a sandwich or a pastry from one of the airport's bakeries or coffee shops.

In addition to food and shopping, BHD Airport also offers a range of amenities and services to make your travel experience more comfortable. There are several lounges available for passengers to relax in before their flight, as well as a prayer room for those who need a quiet space to reflect. The airport also has free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal, so you can stay connected while you wait for your flight.

For those who need to do some last-minute shopping, there are several shops at the airport that sell everything from souvenirs to electronics. You can also pick up any travel essentials you may have forgotten, such as toiletries or snacks. the airport has everything you need to make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Locations of Security Checkpoint(s)

Passengers departing from BHD will find security checkpoints located on the ground floor of the terminal building. There are two security lanes available to passengers, which are open from 4:00 am until the last flight of the day. It is recommended that passengers arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled departure time to allow enough time for security screening.

Fast Track Lanes and Locations

Belfast City Airport offers a Fast Track service for passengers who want to speed up their journey through security. The Fast Track lane is located on the left-hand side of the security area and is clearly signposted. This service is available to all passengers for a fee, and can be pre-booked online or purchased on the day of travel at the airport. Passengers using the Fast Track lane can expect to pass through security in just a few minutes.

Passport & Immigration Control Locations

Passport control and immigration are located on the first floor of the terminal building, after security. Passengers arriving at Belfast Airport from outside the UK will need to pass through passport control before collecting their luggage. EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can use the ePassport gates, which are located in the passport control area, to speed up their journey through immigration. Non-EU citizens will need to have their passport checked by a Border Force officer.

Airport Lounge Locations

BHD Airport has a few lounges available for passengers to relax before their flight. The Aspire Lounge is located on the first floor of the departures area and is accessible to all passengers for a fee. The lounge offers complimentary snacks and drinks, as well as comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi.

For airline-specific lounges, Flybe offers its own lounge located near gate 10. The lounge is available to Flybe passengers and offers complimentary snacks and drinks, as well as newspapers and magazines. Aer Lingus also has its own lounge located near gate 16, which is available to Aer Lingus passengers and offers similar amenities such as complimentary snacks and drinks, as well as free Wi-Fi.

Baggage Claim Areas

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers can easily locate the baggage claim area. The airport has two baggage carousels located in the main terminal building. The carousels are clearly marked with flight numbers and airlines, making it easy for passengers to identify their luggage. Baggage carts are available for use free of charge in the baggage claim area.

Luggage Cart Availability

BHD provides luggage carts for passengers to use free of charge. The carts are available in the baggage claim area and throughout the terminal building. Passengers can easily locate the carts as they are marked with the airport's logo. The carts are a convenient way for passengers to transport their luggage throughout the airport.

Luggage Storage Locations (Left Luggage)

Belfast City Airport does not offer left luggage services. However, there are luggage storage facilities available in the city center. These facilities offer secure storage for luggage at a reasonable cost. Passengers can easily locate these facilities by asking at the airport information desk or by searching online for luggage storage options in Belfast.

Updated on: 2023-12-08

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