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Airport Maps & Terminal Guide

Getting Around the Airport

The terminal building structure at the BHX Airport is a two-story building which is divided into two check-in areas - South Terminal 1 and North Terminal 2, and are connected by the Millennium Link.

To get better oriented, see the Birmingham Airport Terminal Overview Map (BHX Map).

The ground level of the building houses the check-in and arrivals, along with an ATM, airline information, car rental, and assisted travel. According to the check-in locator, you will find Air France at Desk Number 100-130, Flybe at 100-130, KLM at 100-130, Thomas Cook at 100-130, and Turkmenistan 1-82.

The first level houses the security checkpoint areas which split into the two check-in areas:

South Terminal 1

The South Terminal houses Departure Gates 1-20 with separate security areas, shops, restaurants bars, and entrance gates from the ground level.

There is also the Aspire Airline lounge on this side.

To get better oriented, see the Birmingham Airport Terminal 1 Map (BHX Map).

North Terminal 2

The North Terminal houses Departure Gates 40-54 at one end and Gates 55-68 on the other end. It is also known as Eurohub. In the terminal, security areas and lounges located on the first floor.

There are four lounges inside this terminal: Aspire Lounge, No1 Lounge, Emirates Lounge, and Clubrooms.

To get better oriented, see the Birmingham Airport Terminal 2 Map (BHX Map).

Other general services on both levels include escalators/elevators, water fountain, designated smoking areas, special assistance, changing place toilets, and baggage trolleys.

Food, Shops & Amenities

There are many options for shopping and dining around BHX airport. Some notable shops and restaurants include Boots, Game Deck, and All Bar One in the pre-departure facilities, as well as Pocket Shop, Best of the Best, and Boots in the departure lounge facilities.

Security Checkpoints

The security checkpoints at the BHX airport are monitored by the aviation authorities in the UK. Only passengers possessing tickets are allowed to proceed beyond any of the security checkpoints. All security checkpoints provide access to the concourses and airplane gates.

Airline Lounges

BHX Airport has four lounges in the North check-in area on level one: Aspire Lounge, No1 Lounge, Emirates, and Clubrooms. There is also another lounge in the South check-in area: Aspire Lounge South.

Terminal Tips

  • Arrive 90 minutes before flight time in case of domestic flights, and two hours before flight time in case of international flights.
  • There are shuttle services available at the airport connecting concourses and the main terminal
  • Print your boarding passes beforehand or use electronic boarding passes to save time
  • Get all information regarding baggage sizes, airline schedule, curbside pickup/dropoff, or wheelchairs, prior to reaching the airport
  • For baggage:
    • Call 0121 767 7771 in case of delayed, missing, damaged, or lost baggage
    • Call your airline for lost items inside the aircraft, departure lounge, or at the ticket counters
  • In case you are traveling with children:
    • Pushchairs are available at the BHX airport
    • Baby food items can be carried in hand-carries
    • Baby changing rooms are available throughout

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