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Top 5 Layover Ideas for Brussels Airport

Long layovers can often be a drag, but not at Brussels Airport. With a variety of activities to indulge in, passengers can transform their waiting hours into an enjoyable mini-vacation. Here are the top five layover ideas for those spending time at Brussels Airport.

1. Explore the Belgian Chocolate Experience

Belgium is world-renowned for its exquisite chocolates, and the airport offers a taste of this local delight. Visit 'The Belgian Chocolate House' located in the airport itself. Here, you can indulge in a wide range of chocolates, truffles, and pralines from top Belgian brands like Neuhaus, Godiva, and Leonidas.

2. Unwind at the Airport Lounges

For those who prefer a more relaxed layover, Brussels Airport offers several lounge areas. The Diamond Lounge in Pier B and The Loft by Brussels Airlines in Pier A provide a comfortable environment where you can relax, enjoy a meal, or catch up on work. Access is granted to passengers of certain airlines, or you can pay at the door.

3. Visit the Airport Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts can take a stroll through the airport's art gallery, which showcases works from various Belgian artists. The gallery is located within the airport, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the local art scene without leaving the airport.

4. Shopping Spree

Brussels Airport offers a variety of shopping options. From Belgian souvenirs to designer fashion, there's something for everyone. The 'Aelia Duty Free' shop in Pier A and B offers a wide range of products, including perfumes, cosmetics, chocolates, and spirits. The 'Fashion Studio' in Pier A offers a selection of trendy clothes and accessories from popular international brands.

5. Enjoy a Belgian Beer

Belgium is famous for its beers, and Brussels Airport doesn't disappoint. Visit the 'Belgian Beer Café' in Pier A for a wide selection of local beers. It's a great place to relax and sample some of the best beers Belgium has to offer.

Nearby Attractions for an Extended Layover

If you find yourself with a layover of 12 to 48 hours, Brussels has plenty to offer within close proximity to the airport. Here are some activities that you can consider to make the most of your extended layover in Brussels.

1. Visit the Grand Place

As the central square of Brussels, the Grand Place is a must-visit. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its ornate buildings and vibrant atmosphere. It's also home to the famous Flower Carpet festival, which takes place every two years.

2. Explore the Atomium

A symbol of Brussels and Belgium, the Atomium is a unique architectural masterpiece. Inside, you can explore various exhibitions and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top sphere. It's a short metro ride away from the city center.

3. Discover Belgian Comic Strip Art

Belgium is known for its comic strip art, and the Belgian Comic Strip Center is the perfect place to explore this aspect of Belgian culture. The museum houses a vast collection of comic strip art, including the famous Tintin and The Smurfs.

4. Visit the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Brussels is a grand and beautiful building, offering a glimpse into the country's monarchy. Although the King and Queen do not reside here, the palace is still used for state functions. It's open to the public during the summer months.

5. Wander through Mini-Europe

Located at the foot of the Atomium, Mini-Europe is a miniature park featuring replicas of famous European landmarks. It's a fun and educational way to explore Europe in a few hours. The park also offers a spectacular night show featuring a thousand lights.

Updated on: November 22, 2023