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EWN Flight Arrivals Coastal Carolina Airport

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Flight Arrivals To Coastal Carolina Airport (CCA)

Welcome to Coastal Carolina Airport, your gateway to the beautiful region of Coastal Carolina. Our airport is proud to serve as a hub for both domestic and international flights, welcoming over 300,000 passengers annually. With state-of-the-art facilities and modern amenities, we strive to provide a comfortable and hassle-free experience for all arriving passengers. In this article, we will guide you through the arrival procedures, baggage claim areas, flight arrival statistics, and how to check the arrival status of your flight. Let's get started!

Arrival Terminals

EWN has one terminal building that serves all arriving flights, whether domestic or international. The terminal is equipped with modern facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free experience for passengers.

Daily Arriving Flights

New Bern Airport receives several daily arriving flights from various domestic and international destinations. On average, the airport sees over 300,000 passengers disembark yearly. The airport is served by major airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines, among others. With its strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities, EWN Airport is a popular choice for travelers visiting the region.

Arrival Procedures for Passengers

For domestic flight arrivals, passengers are required to proceed to the baggage claim area to collect their luggage. Afterward, they can exit the terminal building and proceed to their onward transportation. For international flight arrivals, passengers are required to clear customs and immigration before proceeding to the baggage claim area. It is important to note that all passengers arriving from international destinations must have valid travel documents and comply with customs and immigration requirements. Failure to do so may result in delays or denial of entry into the country.

Flight Arrival Statistics

The airport has an average of 50 arriving flights per day, with over 800,000 passenger arrivals annually. Although the airport strives to maintain a timely schedule, delayed arrivals can occur due to various reasons such as weather conditions, air traffic congestion, or mechanical issues. It is always recommended to check the status of the arriving flight before heading to the airport to avoid any inconvenience.

Baggage Claim Areas

EWN has two baggage claim areas located on the lower level of the terminal building. Each baggage claim area is equipped with luggage carousels and baggage carts are available for rent at a nominal fee. The airport staff is always available to assist passengers with any baggage-related queries. It is advisable to keep a close eye on your luggage and report any lost or damaged baggage immediately.

Checking Arrival Status

Passengers or their loved ones waiting for an arriving flight can check the status of the flight through the airport's website or by calling the airport's information desk. The website provides real-time information on the flight's arrival time, gate number, and baggage claim area. Additionally, the airport has a flight information display system located throughout the terminal building that displays the latest arrival information. It is recommended to keep track of the arrival status to avoid any inconvenience and plan accordingly.

We hope you find this information useful for your arrival at New Bern Airport. It is always a good idea to check directly with your airline for arriving flight information, or at the airport information desk for the most current information. Safe travels!

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Tips, Help & Resources

The following is a list of tips to assist you during your air journey arriving to Coastal Carolina airport:

  • Waiting to pick up a passenger? It is helpful to be able to track the flight to see where it is, when it will arrive, and the terminal (and gate) it's arriving at.
  • Planning a trip to the airport and confused about all the available parking options and costs? View locations and fees for all EWN on-airport and off-airport parking.
  • Remember that a great low-cost alternative to driving and parking or taking a taxi is to use an airport shuttle service. You can find a list of shuttle providers here that service the greater area.
  • Coming out of baggage claim with lots of checked luggage? The airport's got your back (and saving it). Baggage carts are located in EWN’s baggage claim close to where the luggage carousels are located.
  • Early flight? Consider using one of the nearby hotels to Coastal Carolina airport. Depending on the hotel you select, you might even park there for free for the duration of your trip!
  • Want to know your options to get to a local destination from the airport? Check out your public transportation options, which include buses, trains, taxis, shuttles, New Bern rental cars, and shared rides.

Coastal Carolina Arrivals FAQ

Arriving passengers have a variety of transportation options available, including taxis, rental cars, ride-sharing services, and public transportation. Information on transportation services can be found near the baggage claim areas or by visiting the airport's website.
Yes, the airport is equipped with facilities for passengers with disabilities, including wheelchair assistance, accessible restrooms, and designated parking spaces. Passengers requiring special assistance should contact their airline in advance.
Due to security regulations, non-traveling individuals are generally not allowed to access the secure areas of the terminal, including the gate area. However, exceptions can be made for minors traveling alone or passengers requiring assistance. Please contact the airline directly for more information.
Yes, there is a designated waiting area inside the terminal where you can wait for arriving passengers. Additionally, the airport has several cafes and lounges where you can wait comfortably.
If your luggage is lost or damaged, you should immediately report it to the airline's baggage service office located near the baggage claim area. They will assist you in tracking your luggage or filing a claim for damaged baggage.
For international flights, it is recommended to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure time to allow sufficient time for check-in, security screening, and customs procedures.
Yes, there are several hotels and accommodations located near the airport that cater to travelers. Some hotels offer shuttle services to and from the airport. Information on nearby accommodations can be found on the airport's website or by inquiring at the information desk.