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Airlines Served Duluth Airport DLH

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Your Guide to Airlines Serving Duluth Airport

DLH welcomes several major air carriers, providing travelers with diverse options for their journeys. This hub sees an average of 25 daily departures, offering nonstop service to 10 destinations, making it a convenient gateway for regional travelers.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, the largest carrier at the airport, ensures nonstop connections to Minneapolis and further flights globally. Renowned for its customer service and safety commitment, Delta stands out as a preferred choice. For those enrolled in Delta's SkyMiles program, accruing miles on flights from this airport can lead to significant benefits, including upgrades and free flights.

United Airlines

United Airlines, offering direct flights to Chicago and onward connections across the U.S. and beyond, focuses on providing a seamless travel experience. Its reputation for comfort and convenience makes it a solid choice for passengers. United also offers a variety of in-flight amenities, including Wi-Fi and entertainment options, ensuring a pleasant journey for its customers.

American Airlines

American Airlines facilitates nonstop journeys to Chicago, with extensive global connections. Known for its affordability and convenience, it caters well to budget-conscious flyers. Passengers can also benefit from American's loyalty program, AAdvantage, which offers rewards such as flight discounts and priority boarding.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air, a budget-friendly carrier at DLH, provides nonstop flights to leisure destinations like Las Vegas, Orlando, and Phoenix. Its focus on affordability and convenience makes it an attractive option for vacationers looking to stretch their dollars further. Additionally, Allegiant offers various deals on hotel accommodations and car rentals, making it easier for travelers to plan their entire trip.

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