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EZE Parking Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport EZE

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Parking is available at the multi-story coveredparking structure and at the open-air lot. Dedicated parking is set aside forthe disabled and for pregnant women.

The first 15 minutes are free, the first hourof parking is not fractional after this time is fractionated every half hour.


Parking Terminal A

Vehicle                                                            Rate/Hour                              Stay

Car                                                                   25.00AR$ (3 USD)                  150.00 AR$(18 USD)

Motorcycle                                                     16.00AR$ (2 USD)                  96.00 AR$ (12USD)


ParkingTerminal and C

Vehicle                                                            Rate/Hour                              Stay

Car                                                                   25AR$ (3 USD)                       100 AR$(12 USD)

Pick up                                                            30AR$ (4 USD)                       120 AR$(15 USD)

Minibus                                                          40AR$ (5 USD)                       160 AR$(19 USD)

Bus                                                                  50AR$ (6 USD)                       200 AR$ (24USD)

Motorcycle                                                     16AR$ (2 USD)                       64 AR$(8 USD)


EZE Off-Airport Parking

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EZE Airport Parking Map

Buenos Aires Ezeiza EZE airport parking map

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