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FlightFayetteville to CharlotteFrom $23
FlightFayetteville to AtlantaFrom $66
FlightFayetteville to New YorkFrom $96
FlightFayetteville to ChicagoFrom $137
FlightFayetteville to DallasFrom $210
FlightFayetteville to DenverFrom $290
FlightFayetteville to Las VegasFrom $406
FlightFayetteville to Los AngelesFrom $448
FlightFayetteville to SeattleFrom $476
FlightFayetteville to San FranciscoFrom $482

What other flyers are asking about Fayetteville Grannis Field Flights

Q: Which Airlines fly to/from Fayetteville?

A: Airlines that fly from Fayetteville airport include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and undefined. More...

Q: What are the cheapest flights from Fayetteville Grannis Field Airport?

A: Flight prices change continuously, depending on a number of factors including demand and availability. Additionally, different sites have access to different fares, so it's best to compare sites to get the cheapest flight options when considering flights from Fayetteville Grannis Field airport.

Q: What are the nearest airports in the Fayetteville area?

A: The three closest airports to Fayetteville are Raleigh-Durham RDU airport, Florence Regional FLO airport, and Ellis OAJ airport.

Q: Where can I fly direct from Fayetteville Grannis Field FAY Airport?

A; There are approximately 20 destinations that you can fly Direct to from FAY airport, which are listed below. Learn more about 'Direct’ vs ‘Non-stop flights’

Direct Flights from Fayetteville Grannis Field. Compare Fares & Find Deals!

Flight Time
Fare Range
Chattanooga Metropolitan (CHA)357 miles0:38 - 0:44 hrs$71 - $321
Atlantic City (ACY)389 miles0:41 - 0:48 hrs$78 - $350
Huntsville (HSV)448 miles0:48 - 0:55 hrs$90 - $403
Montgomery Regional (MGM)470 miles0:50 - 0:58 hrs$94 - $423
Orlando (MCO)475 miles0:51 - 0:59 hrs$95 - $428
Indianapolis (IND)521 miles0:55 - 1:05 hrs$104 - $469
Bishop (FNT)610 miles1:05 - 1:16 hrs$122 - $549
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood (FLL)621 miles1:06 - 1:17 hrs$124 - $559
Alexandria England Airpark (AEX)829 miles1:28 - 1:43 hrs$166 - $746
Houston Hobby (HOU)1024 miles1:49 - 2:07 hrs$205 - $922