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Top 5 Layover Ideas for Flagstaff Pulliam Airport

If you find yourself with a long layover at the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, don't fret. Flagstaff, Arizona, is a vibrant city with a lot to offer. Here are five exciting ways you can spend your layover time.

1. Explore the Historic Downtown Flagstaff

Flagstaff's downtown area is a hub of activity with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions. Visit the Flagstaff Visitor Center located in the historic train station at 1 East Route 66 for free information on local attractions, events, accommodations, and dining choices.

2. Visit the Grand Canyon National Park

If your layover allows, take a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park, which is just 81 miles from Flagstaff. This world-renowned natural wonder is a must-see for any traveler. You can take a guided tour or explore the park on your own.

3. Take a Scenic Drive to Sedona

Just 28 miles south of Flagstaff is the beautiful city of Sedona. Take a scenic drive along Highway 89A through Oak Creek Canyon to reach Sedona. The city is known for its stunning red rock formations and vibrant art scene.

4. Visit the Meteor Crater

Located just 45 miles from Flagstaff, the Meteor Crater is a fascinating destination. This natural landmark is the best-preserved meteorite impact site on Earth. The site also features an interactive museum that provides a wealth of information about meteors and the impact of the crater.

5. Explore the Walnut Canyon

Just a short 7 miles from Flagstaff, Walnut Canyon offers beautiful hiking trails and the chance to explore ancient cliff dwellings. The canyon is home to the ruins of the Sinagua people who lived there over 800 years ago. This is a great opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and learn about the area's history.

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Nearby Attractions for an Extended Layover

For those with an extended layover of 12 to 48 hours, there are numerous exciting attractions within a reasonable distance from the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. Here are some recommendations for an unforgettable experience.

1. Discover the Petrified Forest National Park

Located about 90 miles east of Flagstaff, the Petrified Forest National Park is famous for its colorful, fossilized trees that are over 200 million years old. The park also offers stunning views of the Painted Desert, ancient petroglyphs, and historic structures.

2. Explore the Montezuma Castle National Monument

About 56 miles south of Flagstaff, the Montezuma Castle National Monument is a well-preserved cliff dwelling dating back to the 12th century. This five-story structure with 20 rooms offers a unique glimpse into the life of the Sinagua people.

3. Visit Jerome, the Largest Ghost Town in America

Jerome, located 65 miles southwest of Flagstaff, was once a booming copper-mining town. Now a bustling tourist magnet, Jerome offers a variety of attractions including art galleries, museums, wineries, and stunning views of the Verde Valley.

4. Take a Trip to the Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation is the largest reservation of Native American territory in the US, located just 80 miles north of Flagstaff. Here, you can explore the Navajo culture, visit the Window Rock monument, and enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Monument Valley.

5. Visit the Wupatki National Monument

Located 40 miles north of Flagstaff, the Wupatki National Monument is home to numerous Native American ruins, including a 100-room pueblo. The monument offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the ancient Anasazi and Sinagua tribes.

Updated on: November 22, 2023