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The Passenger Terminal Complex, Getting Around, Amenities & Services, TERMINAL DETAILS:  International Terminal A and its Lounges; Domestic Terminal B and its Lounges 

The passenger terminal complex at Tambo Airport now consists of 3 buildings:
  International Terminal A & its International Concourse/ Pier;  Central Terminal;  and  Domestic Terminal B - all 3 buildings have an Arrivals & a Departures Level.  The Central Terminal acts as a connector and houses the Gautrain station. Both International & domestic terminals house their own VIP lounges.  NOTE:  Tambo AP now has a Transit Visa Biometrics System which records transit passenger movement on the Department's enhanced Movement Control System.

Getting Around:
- For passenger dropoff use the upper roadway - for passenger pickups use the lower roadway.
- International to Domestic Terminal: From the International Transit Lobby on level 1 the Connector leads to Terminal B.

- Transit passengers needing overnight or short-stay sleep/rest facilities may use the Protea Hotel located inside the secured area of the terminal - for more information visit the Protea site at  (www) proteahotels.com/hotels/Pages/protea-hotel-transit-or-tambo-airport.aspx .
Amenities & services offered at Tambo Airport are:
- a 24-hr medical clinic, where travelers can consult with a doctor, visit a dentist, or see a physical therapist.  
- WiFi connections for those who have their own electronic devices are avalable at hotspots in domestic & international terminals. Obtain a pay-as-you-go voucher at PostNet located on the food court level. Those without electronic devices may may use the internet cafes:
   (a)  in Domestic Terminal at pre-security on retail level near ATMs, and at post-security;
   (b) in International Terminal at international arrivals, at mezzanine-level restaurants, in the duty-free mall, and at airline lounges.  PostNet on the food court level offers pay-as-you-go vouchers for payment.
- Common-use SITA self-service check-in kiosks  have been installed in all of South Africa's main airports.


A.  The International Terminal A  has three levels: ground level (Level 0),  Level 1, and  the Mezzanine level.
    The ground level (Level 0) of TA is for international Arrivals and includes: 10 baggage carousels, including one for  fragile baggage, a clinic, health & Immigration,  South African Police station, and 2 duty-free shops. Follow the signs to Customs, Terminal B & Exit.
    Level 1 of TA is for International Departures, has four exit/entrance doors to the south, and access to the Gautrain Station. The public area has airline ticket counters, and self-service checkin kiosks and to the east Dropoff SSA Voyager Lifetime/Platinum checkin and SSA Voyager Lifetime/Platinum checkin, as well as connection to T-B's international departure.  Most of the food & drink establishments, stores, & duty free shops, are located in the post-security area, which includes (east) security checkpoints 1-11, followed by an International Transit Lobby, for transfers from TB, and access to the International Pier's departure level (west) Forex offers currency exchange services and ATM machines. This level also includes a wheelchair area, immigration office, South African Revenue and Police service, tax refund, & Vodacom.  Between gates A4, A5 & A6 is the 'Big 5' Duty-free area.
 - Level 1  also offers ticket sales for Air Botswana, Air France, Air Malawi, Air Namibia, BIDAir, JetAirways, Iberia and Turkish Airlines - as well as BidAir Premier Lounge, access to Airport lounges, a smoking lounge. 
- Level B1 offers access to TA, to transit hotel and its lobby.
    The Two-level international Concourse of TA (pier) with gates A6-A30 (gates A6-18 & bus gates A19-A30) houses some more duty-free shops and lounges and accommodates Airbus A380; its Transfer Corridor connects to Terminal B
The Mezzanine Level of TA is for International Departures & Arrivals and includes a Wi-Fi Spot, and the following airline lounges for: Kopano Premier, BidAir Premier, Virgin Clubhouse, Emirates, South African Airways & British Airways.

International departures lounges with telephone numbers:
Air France Lounge: +27 11 921 6871
Bidvest Premier Lounge: +27 11 921 6459
British Airways Lounge: +27 11 390 3171
Emirates Lounge: +27 11 390 1215  
Menzies Shongololo Lounge: +27 11 920 7496
SAA Arrival Lounge: +27 978 6235; SAA Boabab Lounge: +27 11 978 6043; &  SAA Cycad Lounge: +27 11 978 3020
Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: +27 11 929 6041

B.  The Domestic Terminal B (With boarding gates C, D & E) has four levels: Level B1houses baggage carousels 1 - 8. Level 0 is the Domestic Arrivals level;  Level 1 is the Retail level for both Domestic & International Departures; Level 2 is both the Domestic checkin level, and the Domestic Departure level (located at the access road's curve); and Level 3 houses  SAA related services.
    Level 0 of TB is the Arrivals level , which has 6 exits/entrances and in the center escalators to the basement and Parkade 1, level 1. On either side are escalators to the Retail Level. Services on this level include the South Africal police station, SAA landside international lost baggage, Airport Customer Care, Call C, Vodaphone & MTN rentals, quarantine, Telkom Direct and the these banking establishments: Travelex, American Express & Master Currency by Forex, BidVest Bank (Forex), African Bank, ABSA Bank; and a post office.
    Level 1 of TB is the Retail level of both Domestic & International Departures: 
- At Domestic Departures it offers a number of shops and food stores. It also houses the Airport Management Center;
- at International Departures it offers food stores & shops and the following services: Immigration, South African Revenue & Police Services, Nedbank, First National Bank & Standard Bank.
    Level 2 of TB is the Check-in & Departure level:
- the Checkin area
with 5 exits/entrances, and has to the right a ramp to the Gautrain Station. Closeby are escalators and stairway leading to the International Departures level. To the right are three double-sided checkin counter rows  (B1-B13 & B14-B25; B26-B38 & SAA B39-B50; SAA B51-B63 & SSA B64-B75). Services include some airline tickes sales desks, Customs, and self-service checkin kiosks; Level 2 of T-B is also:
- the Departure area (located at the access road's curve) has 4 exists/ entrances, and can also be accessed from the Retail Level. In its center are three rows of double-sided check-in desks (B76-B88  & B89-B101; B102-B114 & B1-15-B127; B128-B140 & B141-B153). Services include airline ticket sales, SAA passenger Service, & a security checkin for the disabled. 
To the right are some food stores and shops, leading to Boarding gates C, D & E -  gates D1-D6 (east),  gates C9-D12 (north), and Gates E1-E13 (via escalator up).
    Level 3 of TB houses the SAA Baggage Claim office, the following lounges  British Airways Slow Lounge,  2 BidAir Lounges, and the SAA Lounge.

Domestic Depature Lounges with telephone numbers:   
Bidvest Sky Lounge: +27 11 390 3563 and Bidvest Domestic Lounge: +27 11 390 1118
British Airways Slow Lounge: +27 11 971 8228
Menzies Mashonza Lounge: +27 11 920 7495
South African Airways Lounge: +27 11 978 5248.

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