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Guest Services at Kona at Keahole KOA Airport

Other services offered by Kona International Airport:

Information desks throughout the Terminal complex are staffed by representatives of the Visitor Information Program (VIP), and are open daily, 7:45am-9pm - 9pm. Tel: (808) 329-3423.

Lost & Found

1. If you lost an item onboard your airplane, contact your airline's lost & found departmeen.
2. If you lost an item at the security checkpoint, contact TSA at 808-327-5914.
3. If you lost an item at the any other place in the Airport, contact the Lost & Found department located in the security office, or call 808-329-5072.

Mail Center


Pets are not allowed inside the terminal complex, unless in a kennel, with the exception of working dogs on a leash.

Airline policies regarding pets vary widely and it is highly recommended that you contact the airline prior to making a reservation. 


International Travelers at Kona at Keahole KOA Airport

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