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Lisbon Portela Airport LIS
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Public transportation from Lisbon Portela Airport to your destination:  (For low-fare shuttle service to city center open:    metrolisboa.pt.com, or e-mail info@100rumos.com, or call +351 212 466 965.)

The Metro subway
is is accessible from the passenger terminals and the trains connect to saldanha - the city center, taking about 21 minutes.  (tel. +351 213 500 100 or open:  metrolisboa.pt .
The Lisbon Metro's Gare de Oriente station is 15 mins from the Airport.
The Aeroshuttle 96 (tel. 351 213 582 334)  makes daily runs every half hr, 7am-11pm, between: Gare Oriente, Airport, Entrecampos, Sete Rios & Praca de Espanha. Tickets available onboard.

Aerobus  (operated by Carris - tel. +351 21 361 3000  or visit carris.pt ) runs between the Airport and the city center every 20 minutes. Tickets available onboard.
Line 1 departs every 20 min to City Center from both terminals.
Line 2 serves the financial center, departing from both terminals every 40 mins (after 8pm every hour).

Carris Coaches stop at the Airport have the following end destinations:
Route 208 to Orient Station
Route 705 to Roma/ Areeiro Station
Route 722 to Portela
Route 744 to Moscavide &
Route 783  to Prior Velho
NOTE: only bags measuring 50x40x20cm are accepted by Carris Coaches - use the Aerobus if bags are larger.

National CP Trains can be reached by Aerobus, subway (Oriente Station) and Buses N.208, N705 & N744.  For more CP train information call +351 707 201 280 or  808-208-208, or visit:  www.cp.pt  (click on color flag for English language).

Find more help here for your journey through the airport