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Long Island MacArthur Airport Map & Terminal Guide

Getting Around the Airport

Long Island MacArthur Airport is located in the New York state of Ronkonkoma and is a public airport. It is owned and operated by the Town of Islip and caters to nearly two million passengers annually. It occupies an area of 1,311 acres (531 ha) and has three runways and two helipads.

Main Terminal

The terminal building structure at the ISP airport has one main terminal building which houses all airport facilities.

For more information, please refer to the ISP Airport Map here.

Terminal Tips

  • Passengers are advised to arrive at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure time to account for TSA security wait times and any possible delays.
  • To ensure a smooth check-in process, passengers should pack carry-on luggage in a suitable manner, have photo ID ready, and read all the airline guidelines properly prior to arriving at the airport.
  • No unattended baggage will be allowed inside the terminal building. You must keep your bags with you at all times.

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Ronkonkoma Airport Overview Map
Ronkonkoma Airport Overview Map

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ISP - Ronkonkoma, NY - Long Island MacArthur Airport
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