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Lost Property
The Manchester Airport Lost Property service is provided by Luggage-Point

All items brought to Luggage-Point are stored securely and logged into our online Lost Property search engine at www.airport-lostproperty.com. If your luggage was left on the plane, please contact your airline. Airline contact details are found here.

Repatriation Fee: Each item processed as Lost Property is thoroughly checked and vetted to try and locate contact information for the rightful owner. As a result, a storage and administration charge may apply. Repatriation Options: if an item is claimed, but can’t be collected in person, the following options are available:

1.) Nominated collection – If you can arrange for a friend or relative to pick up your lost item(s), let us know who they are and when they will be arriving. They will also need to provide us with a form of ID (passport/driver’s licence), so that we can authorise the release of your item to that person.

2.) Shipping – If collection can’t be arranged, Luggage-Point can send positively identified item(s) to any address through our Shipping & Courier service. Items can be sent to you, home or abroad, subject to the relevant retrieval charge plus applicable shipping costs.

3.) Storage – If collection and shipping are not the options for you, Luggage-Point can store your lost item(s) in our secure storage facilities for a period of up to 42 days until collection can be arranged.

Please click here to see details of Luggage-Point's storage service. Location: Luggage-Point Airport Services desk, Terminals 1, 2 & 3. Opening Hours: 

Terminal 1: 0400-2300

Terminal 2: 0400-2000

Terminal 3: 0400-2000

Telephone: 0330 223 0893 Email: [email protected]

Please Note:

*(Prescription drugs are exempt from charge)
**(Items collected within 2 hours of being processed are subject to a £2 administration fee only)
***(Large items not claimed within 14 days will be subject to a £10 daily storage fee in addition to standard charge) Luggage not on the carousel? Please contact your airline or their baggage handling agents. Luggage-Point does not operate this service.

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